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Plot DescriptionEpisode Title
Kirk and Spock find a planet populated by 1930s gangsters!
The Enterprise encounters an enormous planet-eating machine. Poor Commodore Decker!
The crew discovers an entire civilization living inside an asteroid (and they don't even know it!)
Spock goes into heat and duels Kirk. Nuh nuh NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH nuh NAH nuh....
Kirk, Spock, and a drug-crazed McCoy are thrown back in time to the 1930s. Edith Keeler must die.
The crew investigates a planet where an Earth ship disappeared 100 years prior. Festival, FESTIVAL, FESTIVAL!!!
Kirk bluffs his way out of a confrontation with a more powerful vessel by inventing a new tactic (and element). They then have tea with a young Clint Howard.
Kirk is trapped on a planet with a lizard man in a battle to the death. Luckily, he took a 'Gunpowder and Makeshift Cannon' course at the Academy.
Plot DescriptionEpisode Title
The Enterprise plays cat-and-mouse with a sneaky Romulan ship. In another life, they could have been friends...
Thieves abscond with one of Spock's crucial organs!
The crew encounters a planet suspiciously like ancient Rome where gladiator matches are broadcast on TV (in glorious color)
Scotty is put on trial for murder. The real culprit? Jack the Ripper! (sort of)
While trying to rescue the USS Defiant, the Enterprise finds itself trapped in an ever-tightening lattice of energy
God shmod! Kirk and company discover Apollo was just a really advanced alien who visited Earth thousands of years ago.
While on Deep Space Station K-7, the crew encounters angry Klingons and adorable furry pets. Careful, the two don't like each other.
The original unaired pilot for the series, this episode features Captain Pike commanding the Enterprise and big-headed aliens with the ability to create powerful illusions.

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