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Can you name the countries formed by an anagram from two consecutive words within each sentence?

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Some fashion models have taken their dieting too far. These days, they look skinny, rather than slender.
When I enlisted as a secret agent, Iran was the posting I wanted.
A twist of lemon is a vital ingredient of a good martini.
It's a little known fact that Harvey Keitel was a US Marine before he became an actor.
Gucci purses are easily recognisable by their signature web-shaped bag handles.
'That's it, we're full,' declared Noah, as the zebras, koalas and lizards went into the ark.
Being in a band can earn you fame and riches, but it's the solo performer who really gets the glory.
'You probably think you are going the right way, but you are mistaken. Turn back,' advised the travel guide.
When I threw my lunch into the lake, the ham floated, but the pita sank.
Stephen King's newer novels are not a patch on his earlier ones, according to most book critics.
Juliet is in danger - but can Romeo save her?
'I've never been a salad lover; I much prefer a hearty steak dinner,' said Ron.
When it's cleaning time in the jungle, Pete the iguana busies himself with a spot of dusting, while Ben the tiger sweeps the floor.
For many people, it is a life ambition to go to Times Square for New Year.
Doctors estimate that an hour a day of strenuous physical activity can prolong your life by up to a decade.

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