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What is the name of the world's longest mountain range, which runs down the West side of South America? 
Juneau is the capital of which US state? 
Which African country is bordered by Libya, Sudan and Israel? 
In which English county does the historic Windsor Castle stand? 
Which major Italian city stands at the foot of Mount Vesuvius and faces the island of Capri? 
What is the second biggest country in the world? 
Which is Africa's largest country? 
Which country is bordered by Italy, France, Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria? 
TV and film:
Who played dim-witted Baldrick in UK comedy Blackadder? 
Which Oscar-winning British actor was born Maurice Micklewhite? 
At 3 hours and 54 minutes, which film is the longest ever best picture Oscar winner? 
What was the surname of JR in long-running US soap Dallas? 
Who did Barney Rubble live next door to? 
Who was the first host of Family Fortunes? 
What is the name of Jack Bauer's oft-kidnapped daughter in drama series 24? 
What is Chandler's surname in hit sitcom Friends? 
Which 1804-born US scientist invented the electric light bulb? 
K is the chemical symbol for which element? 
What is the name for an angle which is more than 180 degrees? 
'I think, therefore I am' - the famous words of which French philosopher? 
Iron pyrite is commonly known as what? 
Leporidae Cuniculas is the scientific name for which common pet? 
What is the only letter of the alphabet not to appear on the periodic table? 
What does it take the average person seven minutes to do each day? 
Which surname links Coronation Street's Ken with Take That's Gary? 
Which surname links Manchester United legend Mark with former poet laureate Ted? 
Which surname links singer Taio and actress Penelope? 
Which surname links comedian Frankie and singer Susan? 
Which surname links athlete Colin and film director Peter? 
Which surname links fashion designer Alexander and actor Steve? 
Which surname links model Cindy with actor Michael? 
Which surname links film star Edward with TV presenter Graham? 
Which iconic female singer's albums include Ray Of Light, Erotica and True Blue? 
Who partnered Elton John on 1991's Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me? 
John Deacon, Brian May and Roger Taylor were members of which band? 
Who wrote the opera Madam Butterfly? 
What is the name (and shape) of the iconic main stage at the Glastonbury Festival? 
The birthday of which singer is commemorated with a public holiday in Jamaica on February 6? 
According to music magazine NME, who are 'the greatest live band ever'? 
Who was the Greek god of music? 
Art and Literature:
Whose novels include Carrie, Cujo and The Shining? 
Complete the name of the Charles Dickens novel: A Tale of Two... what? 
Wuthering Heights was the only novel by which Bronte sister? 
In which country was Pablo Picasso born? 
Which poet wrote the epic Rime Of The Ancient Mariner? 
Who sculpted The Thinker? 
What type of animal was Beatrix Potter's Jeremy Fisher? 
Under what name did Charles Dodgson write? 
Name any one of the four Australian winners of the Men's Wimbledon Singles title since 1968? 
What is the name of Washington's American football team? 
Name any non-European world snooker champion? 
Which swimmer has won the most ever Olympic gold medals (14)? 
In cricket, who is England's all-time leading Test match run scorer? 
Which football team has the most European Cup wins? 
England won the football world cup in 1966, beating West Germany 4-2. Geoff Hurst scored 3 England goals - who got the other one? 
Which US golfer has won more major tournaments than anyone else? 
General Knowledge:
What is the proper name for the shoulder blade? 
Which of Henry VIII's wives outlived him? 
People born between September 24 and October 23 fall under which sign of the zodiac? 
Which creature lives in a formicary? 
What is coulrophobia a fear of? 
In which land did Puff the Magic Dragon live? 
Who commanded the Allied forces on D-Day? 
What is the longest English word which contains no vowels? 

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