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QUIZ: Can you name the missing words in the titles of movies involving these famous film couples?

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Paul Bettany
A ----- Mind 
The Secret Life Of ----- 
The ----- Club 
A Knight's ----- 
The Da Vinci ----- 
Brad Pitt
----- Romance 
12 Years A ----- 
----- After Reading 
Twelve ----- 
The Devil's ----- 
Javier Bardem
----- In Love 
No Country For ----- Men 
Vicky Cristina ----- 
The ----- Upstairs 
----- Pray Love 
Tom Cruise
----- For Lambs 
Tropic ----- 
----- Business 
A Few ----- Men 
The Last ----- 
Freddie Prinze Jr
----- Doo 
Jack And Jill vs The ----- 
Head Over ----- 
New ---- City Serenade 
The House Of ----- 
Jennifer Connelly
----- Diamond 
Requiem For A ----- 
The Day The ----- Stood Still 
House Of ----- And Fog 
Reservation ----- 
Angelina Jolie
The Good ----- 
The ----- Collector 
Girl, ----- 
----- Or Something Like It 
Kung Fu ----- 
Penelope Cruz
----- In The Clouds 
----- And Anonymous 
Waking Up In ----- 
A Matador's ----- 
----- Sky 
Katie Holmes
----- Begins 
Don't Be Afraid Of The ----- 
----- Of April 
Thank You For ----- 
Phone ----- 
Sarah Michelle Gellar
----- Intentions 
Harvard ----- 
Suburban ----- 
She's All ----- 
Veronika Decides To ----- 

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