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Can you name the films where dogs are killed?

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What happened?What movie?Year
Faithful hound contracts lethal virus; gets strangled to death by tearful Will Smith. 2007
Beaten to death by group of yobs; avenged by angry owner Brian Cox. 2008
Drilled to death with power tools trying to protect valuables from gang of intruders led by Vincent Gallo. 1995
A long-dead dog lies in the wilderness; 'I didn't do that,' declares Kevin Spacey. 1995
Chav gang's dog stabbed with penknife by gallant beau Michael Fassbender; cue bloody revenge in the English woods. 2008
Protecting family from wolf results in rabies infection; Jim Kirk blows faithful companion's brains out. 1957
Helps detectives track down killers, before taking a bullet meant for Tom Hanks. 1989
Accidentally shot during a university chancellor's swanky shindig, and smuggled away in a trunk by Michael Douglas. 2000
Naomi Watts is sent on a twisted treasure hunt to find her family pet bludgeoned to death with a golf club. 2007
Author Johnny Depp discovers his hound Mort has been stabbed in the neck with a screwdriver. 2004
Vengeful Gillian Anderson shotguns a dog when it interrupts her surveillance of the man who raped her.2007
What happened?What movie?Year
Bridget Fonda is given a puppy as a gift by her roommate - who later throws it from a 5th floor window in a fit of pique.1992
Bloodhound runs himself to death following the trail of escaped prisoner Paul Newman. 1967
Ryan Reynolds goes mad and hacks up dog with an axe, splattering blood over new(ish) family home. 2005
Dog named Beauty runs from broken-down family camper, and is gutted and eaten by hillbillies. 2006
An Alaskan malamute escapes a helicopter gunman; but when adopted by researchers, it turns into a shape-shifting alien. 1982
Gael Garcia Bernal's champion dog-fighter is shot; it recovers, and goes on the rampage and rips apart a host of other dogs. 2000
A angry boy hates sister-kissing Ashton Kutcher, so steals his dog Crockett, ties him up in a sack and burns him. 2004
An inquisitive canine is disemboweled and decapitated by a giant, malevolent alien squid. 2006
Killed in a car crash alongside his gay owner; the dead man gets a kiss, the dead dog does not.2009
Scraps is dead when he is given to Johnny Depp's Victor as a wedding present - but his bones reassemble into a playful pup. 2005

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