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Can you name the companies behind these famous dvertising slogans?

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The drive of your life 
Vorsprung durch technik 
Everything we do is driven by you 
The power of dreams 
The ultimate driving machine 
Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach 
Probably the best lager in the world 
You know who your mates are 
Good things come to those who wait 
Reassuringly expensive 
The world's local bank 
Fluent in finance 
Don't leave home without it 
It's everywhere you want to be 
Food & Drink
Have it your way 
Coffee at its best 
They're grrrrreat! 
Finger lickin' good 
57 varieties 
The appliance of science 
Fun, anyone? 
Image is everything 
Connecting people 
Where do you want to go today? 
Just do it! 
Quality never goes out of style 
fcuk advertising 
Impossible is nothing 
Thea jeans that built America 
Perfect to you 
Because I'm worth it 
Splash it all over 
The best a man can get 
It won't let you down 
Every little helps 
Buy it. Sell it. Love it.  
Because mums are heroes 
Where good food costs less 
Everything London 
The taste of paradise 
How do you eat yours? 
All you can do is chew 
Melts in your mouth - not in your hand 
One you pop, you can't stop 
Loves the jobs you hate 
Put a tiger in your tank 
Let your fingers do the walking 
A newspaper, not a snoozepaper 
The world's favourite airline 

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