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The horse is proceeding equally forwards and sideways. The horse length bent in the direction of movement.
An area for training horses. A dressage arena. Normally a rectangle or oblong area usually measuring either twenty metres by forty metres
A movement in trot with an extended moment of suspension. The horse's quarters carry more weight and propel him forward.
A movement in trot (alternate diagonals). A proud and rhythmic movement performed nearly on the spot.
The horse moving backwards on the riders command.
When the horse is able to carry itself in balance through the various school movements without any support from the rein.
Work on three tracks. The horse's quarters are brought into the school so that the outside foreleg creates one track. The inside foreleg and the outside hind leg create the second
A 'two beat' gait where diagonal leg pairs move simultaneously followed by a moment of suspension.
This is a 'three-time' gait where the hind leg strikes off followed by the opposite and diagonal fore leg and then the opposite foreleg (a.k.a. - the lead leg) followed by a moment
Horse is brought from a canter to a few strides of trot and then asked to canter again on the opposite leading leg.
This movement is generally performed at the collected walk or canter where the horse's forehand circles around the hind limbs at a distance equal to the length of the horse. The ho
An upward leap made by a trained horse without going forward and with a backward kick of the hind legs at the height of the leap.
a movement in which the horse first lowers its body on increasingly bent hocks, then sits on its hind hooves while keeping its forelegs raised and drawn in.
a leap of a horse from a rearing position, in which it springs up with the hind legs outstretched as the forelegs descend.

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