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Forced Order
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My life is such a waste Begging on something to work this time
I'm getting out I'm leaving here I'm kickin' right through this door
What were you thinking I guess I'll never know See your eyes blinking Pupils begin to grow
You watch me play. I look away. Your lights turn bright. You found the light.
We ride a dying star Across a burning sea We’re like a supernova now The fire is burning in me
I can't stand what you put me through I can't stand even the thought of you Your secret lies that you hide Is it that terrible being you inside?
Please God don't let me give in tonight, don't let me die
the beast is mad, the patient's hanging out The trees have all burnt to the ground in this vicinit
We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Little things tempt me everyday Lots of pain is how I like to play
Why are you at home buried in your own self pity? Why do you insist on living the life clean out of me?
My thoughts they interlace Been spun out for sometime I wander in this maze An act that is sublime
So please When you die could you scream? Mercy Mercy for you and me
You're basic, but hard to define Simple yet somehow sublime
Something is calling, I can't keep from falling.
We are the hurt inside your head Lost in the valley of all that's dead Constantly twisting things I say Happiness is boring, need pain instead
It's not wrong to let go And let the woman ride you For **** sake, don't lose touch With the dog that's inside you
I would like to search inside For all of the things that you will hide
Holding on to sacred places Holding on to what is found I'm looking forward to see their faces Flat on the ground, the horror profound
You say you know how it feels inside of me Lost and alone with no love or luxury
Break you down Mercy, I cannot allow Through your face, My fist will plow Watching as your blood pours down
I've got something, listen now This one is real good, you'll see We'll send a present to his door Upon there'll be a note to read
Birds are circling above They're called back to a waiting glove Oh, why don't they fly away? Surely they have guessed by now There is no gun to shoot them down And still they stay
Keep hoping. Nothing to spare. So my life. Isn't quite there.
It seems funny to me. How **** things can be.
Scream at me again if you like Throw your hate at me with all your might
Why are you trying to make fun of me? You think it's funny? What the **** you think it's doing to me?
Spewing vile atrocities Bringing existence to its knees
I'll be ready, Give me the morphine and I'll go to sleep, As I dream maybe I will just slide away,
Hating, feeling, falling to the Place where people haunt me I can't Help but keep from falling
I'm feeling cold today Not hurt just **** away I'm devastated and frustrated God I feel so bound
Honestly, somehow it always seems that I'm dreaming of something I can never be
It opens my mind to feelings Can't face bottom without something
I can't get out of bed. There is evil in my head.
Aren't we cool and aren't we calm For facing death we run head-on Aren't we cool and aren't we calm For god we've suffered for so long
What's with the hostility? Why is it so provoked? You're living in a fantasy that's how you cope
In the sea of life, you're just a minnow You live your life insecure
Could it really be the day, today? Could this really make the problems go away?
I keep holding on, I feel I'm where I belong
I can’t help but desire of falling down this time Deep in this hole of my making I can't escape
And I wish there was something Please tell me there's something better And I wish there was something more than this Saturated loneliness
We got a **** up reason to live who really gives a ****?
I can't bare to face what's growing in my head. Please get away from me.
I still remember the way, how you smiled as I cried, you laughed
Maybe I'm to blame maybe I'm a Liar maybe we're the same
I'm the hunted I'm a predator I'm the answer to the riddle
Twisting me, they won't go away. So I pray, go away.
Before long my song is dying!
Hold me now I've been knocking down Killing all these waves of shame
All the searching we do inside Is a futile attempt to
In the deepest part of me Like an unknown enemy I was never meant to fight
You fill your lies around me and you think you've won You feel you can control me with the things you've done
At least you couldn't look at me. While you're raping me. You **** pussy!
Sometimes I cannot take this place. Sometimes it's my life I can't taste.
I hear the calling of the helpless stranger He’s all alone and no one gets his anger
another day Silence overwhelms my mind who is to say If I have the time, oh why
Am I still damned to a life Of misery and hate.
Press your fingers over blossom and it's season
Feeling like I'm on a plane that's going down.
Am I too lost to face this?
And the planet may go astray In a million years they'll say, those **** were all deranged
They tell me to hurt myself.
There you are my precious Not long ago Hiding behind the shadows Of your broken soul
The world is coming to an end and I don't give a dam
Feelings you see. Are so hard to believe. All the chaos I have in my heart
You and me We have no faces They don’t see us anymore
I squeeze it to feel it breathe I smash it to fuel this need I am the antidote for Whatever sickness you feed
You raped our hope Too proud to cope You built this house of shame
Tear me from your heart Tearing me apart.
Now I'm guilty, not ashamed Got this thing attached to me, throw it all away It just comes back to me
Come on, step inside, and you will realize. Tell me what you need, tell me what to be.
I'm good, I'm fine This life's divine No hate, no shame No one to blame
I tried not to choke you But now you're dead
Pay the ferryman, pay the **** driver Pay the preachers and pay the **** liars
Always this teasing sometimes I lose faith where is my strength to hold on?
I've never really thought about it that much It's only ever violence that's in my touch
Each day more frightening. All of us wanna die.
You say you'd love to But you've lots left to do Almost decided to stay 'cause of you
Well look at this I see clearly now Look at this I can feel it now Happiness Is seldom found
Why can't we still be friends? Why judge me for what I am? Can we go back again? I'm still the same man.
Must you keep looking at me before you looked the other way. Must you keep glaring at me I know you look inside, and see what you made.
I'm taking over I won't be lead astray Life's doesn't last long I gotta get away
Time is ticking, it makes me feel content. With what I have inside.
I don't need conversation I've got nothing to say I know what you're about
Hate is all around If you see what I see Definitely something's going on These fingers Pointed at me
I'm a spectator, the motivator Shut up, shut up and do it to yourself
Cause love without affection Is hate without the pain Life is a connection Seperate from the brain
A lonely life, where no one understands you But don't give up, because the music do
I'm so dumb, therefore I can't relate. I'm so dumb, there is nothing to hate.
We are the ones taking all the pain Falling on our faces They don’t care anyway
Why do you make me, you take my pride and in my eyes you kinda rape me, inside
I didn't touch you there That's why mama stopped and stared
Each day I can feel it swallow, inside something they took from me.
You are not my real mother should I'd beat and stab and **** her
And everybody’s peeking No ones makes a sound The shadows are deceiving
the time has come to realize what you are, what you've done inside The time has come, we'll have something to talk about
Everyone's out to take your joy away Constantly scheming to keep us at bay Everyone's plotting and they are just taking You must make it stop Make them pay
It came unknown to me Paranoid is controlling all of me
Choke choke again I thought my demons were my friends Getting me in the end They're out to get me
It ain't fading Man I gotta let it out Am I crazy? Screaming nothing ever comes out
Why don't you just leave me alone. My heart's gonna break from the fall.
Can you see it in me? Skin cold from touch Each day confronted with what I have done
What does it mean to you? For me it's something I just do.
You see this time, I cannot ever never love another, ****
My God I hate this Always take **** Can I let this go on?
If I don't find a way to see through the gray that clouds my mind.
I'm thinking of, Making all the **** people Making the bitches I love Make them die and go away
Slowly escaping This wreckage in making So don't look back for me.
We are the pain We are the shame We've gone insane Inside where no ones around
I'm not doing great I feel like I'm dead Not thinking straight
I will make it go away can't be here no more Seems this is the only way I will soon be gone
I wake up I can't breathe I grip my sheets real tight What the **** is happening to me? Damn right, I can't live this life
You can see I tried this all for you You can see I dispise all of you
They think we're all the same And always we're to blame For **** I think is lame It's time to stop the game
Screwed up, used up Crumpled, lying on the floor **** up, shut up All you did back then was score
My mind plays tricks on me I can't control it you see I feel it beating down the fake around me
So I walk but seem to crawl For, I'm giving in today Now I run into a wall Cause I cannot fight my way
They never knew what I was gonna say Punch me and kick me and run away
Wasn't it decapitated? Can you see me fascinated?
I'm not trying to go there, so take me away.
I hide only to defy you Take away the only love inside you I see the face through everyone Inside I've just begun!
Don't wanna be sly and defile you Desecrate my mind and rely on you I just wanna break this crown But it's hard when I'm so run down
I am who I am There's nothing I can do I try to hide it and it keeps breaking through
Why can't I decide, why my feelings I hide? Always screwing with my mind, that thorn in my spine
Look it buried yourself Go with it Is it turning you on? Go with it
Called a fag all my life. Then I got it, so far.
Smashed and raped! Not again. This is a real crime.
I'm down on my knees The stress makes me bleed It feels like they're all stabbing me
I'm lying in pieces of emotions you control You're feeding this cancer it's taken hold
You wanted to play The coldness follows This isn’t a game Your life, I’ll swallow
Once more pain is thrown my way Can't she stay away Every single time **** with my mind
Feeling it grab hold, what can I say?
Every day it gets a little harder, can't seem to get away.
And I never wanna clarify and justify so I run and hide. And I never wanna signify so I pacify all the hate inside.
What you gonna do, what you gonna feel when suddenly I slip away?
Feeling like a fool inside. Seeing all the things you tried. I am nothing.
Your feelings I can't help but rape them. I'm sorry I don't feel the same.
I'm terrified by emotionless faces They're all around me I want to die I'm **** trippin' out seeing faces Of murderers covered in lye
I need to make the decisions I need to make it right
Ass up high, make a **** cry It's so good, that I could die Help me stay alive.
All I see while I’m dreaming Is a man I wanna destroy There’s no use for you hiding I will be there behind every door
How many times a day must I die? Nothing's gonna work today. I'm killing time.
My lies is going to hurt you my fate is not going to wait this time I play, games just to spite you I know, you're going to believe this time
People wanna know how come I get a gat and I'm sitting at the window like Malcolm
Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip with me
As I walk I can never seem to escape All the laughing, all the pain If you were me, what would you do? Nothing, probably. You'd just throw your way
Hidden violence revealed, darkness that seems real Look at the pages that cause all this evil
We crumble under pressure
What do I have to do? Why can't this hurt be through? I'm going head unto Something I know I will fail
Fighting to survive There’s no tomorrow Fighting to survive There’s no today Fight or flight I’m losing my mind
Sometimes I can never tell If I've got something after me That's why I just beg and plead For this curse to leave me
Walking alone inside my world Thinking I'm doing the right thing Destroying all that appears before me
Like them idiots in Waco, you're burning up in Bako
Now all you sucker DJs Who think you’re fly There’s got to be a reason And we know the reason why
I can't wait to rip my eyes out and look at you Peace through pain is precious especially when it's done by you
I hide in my space The space you found
My soul infected you Blackened thoughts They run through your head
The hurt inside is fading This ****'s gone way too far.
I tell you one thing which leads to another thing Then I backtrack which leads to hurt feelings
I'm gonna cry to dive right in. I'm gonna fight until I win now.
With aversion, this insertion came so swiftly Cut the cord, from this day forward We'll be drifting
Do you really want to see the Torment hatred of this world
Rip off the mask from your head Show me the real face that you hideRip off the mask from your head Show me the real face that you hide
I wish I could take control, I wish I could let go, I wish I could break this mold, inside I'm so **** cold
I don't know what to say.
A black veil of insanity's crushing Like fire beating all of our disease The black veil of insanity misleads
You want to sleep with him to get to who you need to know Think that's the way to go don't you?

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