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Who else besides Arnold is left-handed?
How old is Arnold?
What is Arnold's favorite genre of music?
Who is the only character to appear in all episodes?
Arnold is capable of mimicking whose voice?
Arnold has an emotional attachment to what?
Arnold and Gerald have been best friends since when?
Arnold prefers what sport?
Many people mistake Arnold wears a kilt, but it is actually what?
What dessert do Arnold and Helga like?
Arnold and Helga kissed how many times?
How many times did Helga sneak into Arnold's home?
How many times did Eugene get stuck with Arnold?
Who is Arnold's favorite baseball player?
There is only one episode where Arnold has no lines. Which one?
Helga enjoys music in what genre?
According to Sheena, Helga has what?
In an Angry Beavers episode, which Hey Arnold character is among a set of scary masks?
Only four characters know about Helga's crush. Which ones?
Which two characters had color changes in their hair?
Which episode reveals that Helga has a March birthday?
Helga is a fan of what clothing line?
Who hates rats?
What is Arnold's pet pig's name?
What date did Hey Arnold premiere?
Who created the series?
When did the show end?
Bartlett's falling out with Nick led to two events. What were they?
The voice of Homer Simpson is shared by which Hey Arnold character?
What is Arnold's last name?
Arnold's hometown is actually a combinaton of three cities. Which ones?
What is the name of Arnold's city?
Arnold has been voiced by how many actors?
Which voice actor for Arnold had the longest run on the show?
Two brothers voiced a character. Which one?
What is the name of the boarding house?
Phil drives what?
Who are Arnold's parents?
What does the G stand for in Helga's name?
Which boarding house resident was supposed to have a bigger role, but only appeared in season 1?
Parents Day was held back from airing for how many years?
Eugene was played by how many actors?
Which episode is the most despised one?
Which character never had a major role again after only one episode focusing on him?
What state does the show take place?
Who has a repressed dark side according to Bartlett?
Which family was going to have a spin-off?
Miriam is implied to be this, but it was never stated in the show.
This most mysterious character is never mentioned after the first season. Bartlett confirmed he moved out.
Mr. Hyunh's name is supposed to be spelled as?
Joseph Purdy is named after this character, who is also revealed by Bartlett to have moved out.
Whose voice actor was digitally mastered to a higher pitch?
Helga is allergic to what?
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