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Which four Friends have kissed all five of his/her friends?
Who has a PhD?
Ross has slept with how many women?
What were the things that Ross found about last?
Who is the only male member to be a biological father?
What are the names of Ross's children?
Who hates ice cream?
How many times has Ross been shown getting married?
What are the names of Ross and Monica's parents?
Who was supposed to play Rachel instead of Jennifer Aniston?
Who has the most hairstyles?
Which Friend has lived in all 4 of the main apartments and also has never lived alone?
2 of Jennifer Aniston's real-life boyfriends have played characters on the show. Who were they?
Which season does Rachel get her heart tattoo?
Whose birthday has been celebrated the most at 5 times?
Which Friend is the only one who carries her OWN child?
Who is the only Friend who doesn't propose?
Rachel is one of two Friends to not have an on-screen wedding. Who was the second?
When did Rachel receive a boat and why?
Which Friend used to have a boyfriend, only for her sister to steal him?
Rachel's last name can be spelled in two ways. How?
Who is scared of turtles?
Rachel might have a foot fetish. Which episode reveals this?
Rachel has inconsistencies with her zodiac sign. Which ones have been mixed up?
Which Friend has never been pregnant, despite being the only one who has tried to?
Who says the first and last line on the show?
Other than Ross, who else has slept with 14 people?
Who might suffer from OCD?
How many sisters does Joey have?
Monica has lived with all of her Friends except one. Who was the only one left out?
What might be Monica's middle initial?
Monica had the widest age gap in her partners. What is the number?
Who was unable to tell time until 13 years prior?
Who has a personality similar to Danny Tanner from Full House?
Who is 21 years older than Monica?
Who frequently uses the name Regina Phalange?
Phoebe states that she lived with an albino man when she first arrived in New York. Which 2 events made this happen?
Which Friend's middle name is unknown?
Which actor did Phoebe claim she was friends with?
Which Friend did not date or marry any of the six friends?
Who are the only two Friends to marry more than once?
Who is the only Friend that is left-handed?
Phoebe claimed she would die on what date?
Which Friend is circumcised?
Joey has a toy what?
Joey meets most of his Friends because of being Chandler's roommate except for one. Who was it?
Name all of Joey's sisters.
Which Friend had a short-lived spin-off?
Joey had sex with how many women?
Joey was the first to find out about which relationship?
Which episode marks the first time Joey said his catchphrase?
What is the name of the coffee shop that the Friends regularly visit?
Monica and Rachel lived in apartment 5 while Joey and Chandler lived in apartment 4. What numbers were these apartments changed to in season 1?
Which season did Ross and Rachel first start dating?
Which season is the only one without a two-part episode?
What are the first lines of Season 5?
In one season, all characters that were introduced never appeared in the remaining season. Which one?
Who plays Rachel?
Who plays Monica?
Who plays Phoebe?
Who plays Ross?
Who plays Chandler?
Who plays Joey?
Name Chandler's parents.
Name Joey's parents.
Name Rachel's parents.
Name Phoebe's parents (biologically)
Who are Rachel's sisters?
Who is Phoebe's twin sister?
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