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Can you name the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode based on the haiku?

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HaikuEpisode Title
Xander is left out/ Another apocalypse/ They're not making cake
It's just a jacket/ That helps him get ALL the girls/ He's not worth your life
Xander is so hot/ All of the girls are in love/ Oh wait, it's a spell
Substitute teacher/ Thinks virgins are real tasty/ Kidnaps poor Xander
Invisible girl/ Becomes a nice snack for Gnarl/ Spike can see her though
Here we meet Tara/ Buffy and Riley first kiss/ No one says a word
Thanksgiving dinner/ No more funny syphilis!/ Bear! You made a bear!
Out of control spell/ Buffy and Spike are engaged/ Meanwhile, Giles is blind
What's in the basket?/ Red Riding Hood says weapons/ Don't taunt fear demons
First guy to like her/ Ancient demon trapped in book/ Talk about catfish
Parent teacher night/ Vampires ambush the high school/ Spike arrives in town
Does it get easy?/ Good guys are stalwart and true/ Wannabe vampires
It's Slayerfest time!/ But they kidnap the wrong girl/ Nineteen Ninety Eight
Faith gets new watcher/ Who turns out to be evil/ Buffy hides Angel
Spike is heartbroken/ And planning to get Dru back/ Lots of failed love spells
HaikuEpisode Title
Visions of the past/ First appearance of The First/ But strong is fighting
No one believes her/ Strange shared dreams among roommates/ But Buffy was right
Parker is the worst/ She drowns sorrows in Black Frost/ But it's more than malt
It's not Five by Five/ Faith wakes up from her coma/ Swaps bodies with B
Sexy Jonathan/ And his swimsuit calendar/ Always save the day
First slayer and cheese/ Spike is like a son to me/ Was it just a dream?
Principal Snyder/ Is hell-bent on a drug bust/ Finds beetles instead
For Buffy Summers/ A small golden parasol/ *Sobs* Class protector
Infamous Dark Prince/ Giles seduced by vampire babes/ Take your sister Dawn??
Not an evil clone/ Toth only split them in two/ Xander and Xander
Everyone's crazy/ Killer snot monster from space/ Joyce finds out the truth
Movie night goes wrong/ An addiction to magic/ A car crash hurts Dawn
It's uh... magic weed/ Buffy gets a new haircut/ Too bad she vanished
Sluggoth demon snake/ From beneath you, it devours/ Spike: Can we rest now?
The end of the world/ Yet Xander cares for Willow/ The yellow crayon

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