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Opening LyricsSong Title
Sometimes I think I pass you walking on the street and i believe it Sometimes I think I see you looking back at me.. now i see it
With everything I`ve ever done I`d give it all to everyone for one more day
Leaving me here I want you to know that I wanted you there, you were the best thing in my life
All of the innocence has gone away
A memory in every room I`m always in love with you
I`m not about to change what you`ve become I won`t tell you what to say cuz you don`t care if I`m right or I am wrong you just look the other way
You`re ready to go I fake a smile all thats between us now is just 3,000 miles
Are you far away in a new life? Are you wearing the same dress that you wore when we met the first night?
The light is breaking through the window We count the miles Do you hum to static in your own life? Or the radio?
Don`t give up on me tonight We`ve come this far we`ve made good time And all the light of the world is somewhere else
I do all this, not knowing and I give myself away and she says w/ soft skin that I can`t tear away
It`s been one year to the day Since I watched you drive away leaving me with only street lights glowing
There was a time There was a place And everything we had was innocent I`d go back again
so I`m down her like you wanted why am I not sleeping in your bed its 3 o`clock in the morning
The cars are passing down below and all that`s left of you is all your clothes
Where there`s love there is pain With the sun comes the rain Without wrong there`d be no right
Opening LyricsSong Title
I`ve got a new years resolution I think I know what I`ve gotta do I`ve got a new years resolution getttin over you
I`m not asking for forever and I don`t need much of your time I know we can`t be together but you should know I`m on your side It`s where I`ll always be
It`s late and I`m losing sleep Worryin` where you might be I channel flip through the T.V. stations
There`s a reason for everything Cuz anything can turn you around There`s a dead end for everyone
Tell me would you think less of me if I said I could do without you, Tell me would you jump up and down if I said I couldn`t see you again
You went up and down inside my head The cut of your hair
Looks like history`s repeating I don`t learn from my mistakes I can`t feel the water rising A wave will always break
Up here alone in this room Watching you come into view
She will let you win She`ll be waiting around
Whatever breaks my heart All that you can`t say you seem to find a way Whatever makes me cry Everything you so takes a piece of me with you
i kick back. you could be heard standing this close, then react.
there`s no more essence burning in the room there`s no more suspense before we touch there`s so much love back then
I`m writing you for the hundredth time cuz ninety nine I threw away And in my mind a thousand times I`ve said everything I wanna say
Oh no I`m over throwing stones at windows
You, you gotta be the one, who`s in on the action I`m wondering when we`re leaving,
i can`t say one more time i see your face and i am fine and every time i see you i fight for words and though i try to reach you and i can`t feel

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