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'Wha...?! These Pokémon are crucial! You're just giving them away?
'Humph! Quit flaunting your toughness! It's not cute in the least!'
'Hmm! My sturdy Pokémon, defeated!'
'Since there is sadness, we can feel joy. When there is anger, compassion is born.'
'And that's how it's done.'
'Ah! That's Oreburgh's Gym Badge! I see, I see! You've defeated my son. But that's no surprise. He still has much to learn. In place of my son Roark, I, ----, will take your challe
'The legend of Giratina has been forgotten but to a few... The legend told of a world on the other side of ours. This world. Why does this world exist? Why is Giratina here all alo
'When I got my first Gym Badge, I used the move Thunderbolt. Ever since, I've stuck with the Electric type even as I got better. I do it because I don't want to ever forget how hap
'Why don't you show this old lady how much you've learned?'
'Never give up, never surrender!'
'Silence! Enough of your blathering! That's how you justify spirit as something worthwhile?! That is merely humans hoping, deluding themselves that they are happy and safe! The emo
'Dialga, the mythical Pokémon, and the master of time!'
'And the other. Palkia, the mythical Pokémon, and the master of space and dimensions!'
'We, Team Galactic, take all that we need, and eliminate what we do not. '
'My Pokémon have new water-type moves under their belts! Let's see how you bear up under them!'
'Pokemon are by our sides, always. I hope you understand the meaning of these words.'
'...I should have expected as much. Uxie, 'The Being of Knowledge.' Azelf, 'The Being of Willpower.' And Mesprit, 'The Being of Emotion'...'

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