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Face Of The Group And Kindergarten BoyInfinite
The Dancer And The MaknaeBEAST
The Chinese GuysSuper Junior (M)
The Turtle Lover And The Eternal MaknaeSuper Junior
The ActorsSuper Junior
The Fishy And The MonkeySuper Junior
The Best FriendsBigBang
The Mirror Prince And The Main VocalistBoyfriend
The Evil Maknae And The Aegyo KingSuper Junior
The Shanghai Boy And The RapperNu'est
The MaknaesTeen Top
The Dino Boy And The DivaSHINee
The Powerful VocalistsInfinite
Mickey? Xia?TVXQ
Thailand Prince And The Vocalist2PM
Honey Abs And The MaknaeMBLAQ
The Dancing MachinesBlock B
The ComposersBlock B
The Power Vocalist And The Lead VocalistU-Kiss
The Troublemaker And The RapperBEAST
The Kungfu Panda And The Tallest MemberEXO
Senshine And Marilyn MonroeEXO
The Dancing Machine And The MaknaeB.A.P
The Rapper And The Smiling AngelBigBang
The Main Dancer And The RapperU-Kiss
Infinite HInfinite
The Leader And The Visual MaknaeBEAST
The Main Vocalist And The MaknaeBlock B
Shishimato And TatsmatoB.A.P
The Beauty And The BlondeNu'est
Appa And AmmaSuper Junior
The Happy Virus And The BaconEXO
The Face Of The Group And The VisualTeen Top
The Unicorn And The LeaderEXO
Jokomato And KekematoB.A.P
U-Know The HeroTVXQ
The Diva And The Main VocalistEXO
The China Man And The CinderellaSuper Junior
Flaming Charisma And The Dacing MachineSHINee
'~It's our love that makes the food so wonderful~'U-Kiss
The Vocalist And The Dancing MachineEXO

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