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Can you name the Medical Antidotes for these common poisons/overdoses?

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Carbon MonoxideBinds to Haemoglobin
WarfarinBleeding (external or internal)
Beta-blockersBradycardia, hypotension, complete heart block
OpiatesRespiratory depression, pinpoint pupils, bradycardia
Tricyclic antidepressantsTachycardia, drowsiness, dry mouth, nausea, vomting, urinary retention, confusion, agitation, and headache. If severe there is hypotension, cardiac rhythm disturbances, hallucinations, and seizures.
DigoxinNausea + Vomiting + Diarrhoea, headaches, delirium, arrythmias
IronGI damage, Hypotension, Haemorrhage
Ethylene glycolIntoxication, later leading to tachycardia, hyperventilation and kidney failure
MethanolCNS depression, headache, dizziness and nausea
EcstasyAgitation, Tachycardia, Hypertension, Widely dilated pupils, Trismus, Sweating, DIC, Hyperthermia, Rhabdomyolysis, Renal failure
AspirinTinnitus and ear problems
ParacetamolToxic metabolites accumulate, fever and sweating, hyperventilation and tachycardia, nausea and vomiting, and dehydration.
BenzodiazepinesCNS impairment, somnolence, diplopia, ataxia, nausea + vomiting
OrganophosphatesAcetylcholinesterase inhibition

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