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DescriptionCharacterEpisode Introduced
Born Axey Smartist in 2004. After his parents ate candy canes that were poisoned he swore on their grave he would become a cop.Episode 1
Brother of Axey Smartist, but neither of them know this because when they were young they bonked heads while walking backwards and completely forgot one another. Plays the recorderEpsode 1
What Axe Cop's brother turns into after he gets dinosaur blood on him. Then again when he makes a wish on a unicorn horn. Also has every weapon.Episode 1
The third form that Axe Cop's brother takes, obtained after working at a fruit stand. Also has a unicorn horn.Episode 3
Half baby, half unicorn. Helps Axe Cop, Then joins up with a bad guy.Episode 2
Has a gun that can elongate out and shoot people directly in the face even if they are across the room. His gun also has a flash light. Turns evil after being rejected in a try outEpisode 2
One of Axe Cop's pets, given as a present. He was given the ability to talk using unicorn magic.Episode 4
A giant robot that has one eye and two swords and he chops down buildings. That's pretty much the extent of it. Episode 2
Had 1,000 kids, but they all died. Thanks to unicorn magic, they now live on a snow planet and have 2,101 million kids.Episode 4
Parents of Axe Cop. Ate only candy canes.Episode 0
Born blind, deaf, dumb, and with no arms or legs. His mind is all that works. That, and he can turn his head into a pretzel.Episode 2
His powers are stolen, and when the attempt to retrieve them fails, Unicorn magic is used to restore them.Episode 5
Flies around and bites peoples' heads. Is actually a robot.Episode 5
Has all the power of Christmas and he plays a guitar that hurts people's ears.Episode 5
Has socks for arms, and he can shoot them out and they return to him like boomerangs.Episode 5
He is a man in a giant baby suit and his only known power is that he can fly when he gasses.Episode 5
He's a Wrestler.Episode 5
He is a man who got very, very smart... until a unicorn horn grew out of his head.Episode 5
The two seemingly inanimate objects that came to life and ate kids/sang annoying songs on the snow planet.Episode 4
Was Axe Cop's teacher when he was in Fighting School. He specialized in teaching kids how to sock fight.Ask Axe Cop 4
A Japanese ninja who waited on the playground to fight kids during recess at Fighting School.Ask Axe Cop 4
The new kids at the Fighting School where Axe Cop went as a kid. Are actually aliens.Ask Axe Cop 4
The 10th member of the above mentioned gang. He stinks and he's actually an alien.Ask Axe Cop 4
DescriptionCharacterEpisode Introduced
The King of evil Evil EVIL PLANET TINKO! His skeleton is a stick which Axe Cop sharpened and uses to stab people.Episode 6
Axe Cop's pet T-Rex. Axe Cop fitted him with robot machine gun arms and feeds him bad guys. He can also fly and has spikes that stab you if you try to ride him and are not good.Ask Axe Cop 8
What the aliens on evil Evil EVIL PLANET TINKO! turned into. You turn into one of them if they bite you.Episode 8
The shortest lived character in the Axe Cop Universe. Has no superpowers and was immediately bitten upon being summoned.Episode 8
Gets a little too excited when he is fighting crime. He tried to run faster than his legs will take him and he constantly faceplants. This sets off his electricity and earthquakes.Ask Axe Cop 7
Likes to throw rocks at kids. Drank a glass of poison blow up juice and shared it with his boss and soldiers. They all blew up two minutes later.Ask Axe Cop 9
Has a pet poodle. Was scorched by Axe Cop FIRE, and his head was subsequently chopped off. His blood was then turned into robot blood.Ask Axe Cop 12
A moon warrior. Has a magic sword that would slice the bad guy, then his sword would turn into a fire stick, then back into a sword. Can also turn into a super vampire.Episoode 9
The younger moon warrior brother. Can turn into a werewolf, bite off a guy's head, turn into a vampire, then suck all the blood.Episode 9
The villain who turned the moon warriors' family into bats. A gold bladed chainsaw can beat him.Episode 9
After being pulled out of the TV, she became the only female on Axe Cop's team. Has a shrinking poison spray and a poisonous giant spray.Ask Axe Cop 14
A grown up version of one of Axe Cop's smelly childhood acquaintances. Was posing as Axe Cop's best friend.Episode 17
A merman who can grow legs, has a magical trident and an invisible sword.Ask Axe Cop 20
Makes green banana gunsAsk Axe Cop 27
President, explosion-god and Axe Cop's Future wifeAsk Axe Cop 24
Axe Cop's brothers' baby that he wishes for with magic fruitAsk Axe Cop 25
Part lobster, part dog and part man.Episode 23
A zombie dog woman who steals childrenEpisode 23
Part fish, part child and part zombie. Was kidnapped.Episode 23
Axe Cop and brother's foster father. He turned into a chuhuahuaAsk Axe Cop 34
Axe Cop and brother's foster mother. She turned into a Chihuahua also.Ask Axe Cop 34
Axe Cop and brother's foster brothers. They have the same name, and they turn into Chihuahuas.Ask Axe Cop 34
Is getting chased by a man in a baby suitEpisode 24

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