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Can you name the Top 30 Actresses By Total Box Office Gross of all Movies?

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MoviesActressTotal Grossed
Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride$2,437,680,821
There's Something About Mary, Shrek$2,404,769,933
Misery, Fried Green Tomatoes$2,386,899,814
Alien, Ghostbusters$2,352,337,754
Elizabeth, The Lord of The Rings$2,017,693,025
Definetely Maybe, The Uninvited$1,915,149,235
Charlie's Angels, 50 First Dates$1,886,132,830
Spider-Man, Wimbledon$1,836,927,397
Fight Club, Sweeney Todd$1,821,584,624
Miss Congeniality, Speed$1,772,077,956
Chicago, Bringing Down The House$1,765,004,056
Harry Potter Series$1,763,938,839
Star Wars Series$1,738,911,611
Cheaper By The Dozen, Jumanji$1,736,841,935
Pirates of The Caribbean, Pride and Prejudice$1,734,098,244
MoviesActressTotal Grossed
Sophie's Choice, Julie and Julia$1,732,031,185
Avatar, Star Trek$1,718,709,814
Closer, Star Wars$1,655,504,211
Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music$1,627,378,549
Monster's Ball, X-Men$1,579,729,380
The Color Purple, Ghost$1,576,826,358
Armageddon, The Lord of The Rings$1,543,193,453
Home Alone, Beetlejuice$1,503,860,743
Shallow Hal, Iron Man$1,469,711,506
Moulin Rouge!, The Hours$1,451,540,175
Tomb Raider, Mr. & Mrs. Smith$1,442,956,364
The Nutty Professor, The Matrix Reloaded$1,417,075,636
Jerry Maguire, Bridget Jones's Diary$1,391,305,418
The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Best in Show$1,369,064,158
Norma Rae, Places in The Heart$1,354,745,389

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