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Can you name the political and critical theorists from hints??

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Theorist of revolutions in science
Psychologist connected to the Frankfurt School
Theorist of the democratic revolution
The Big Other is watching you
Critical geographer and theorist of urban struggle
Marxist economist from the Fourth International
Female Eunuch
Leading theorist of hermeneutics
Theorises state power in Africa
Would not like to be stuck in a room with his friends
Author of the original 'utopia'
German revolutionary sounds like she's from a neighbouring country
Black revolutionary theorist, known for his autobiography
The Feminine Mystique
Argentinean liberation theologist
Evolutionary anarchist
Not a black sheep in sight!
Founder of functionalism
First female minister in the world, and theorist of Marxist-feminism
The Postcolonial Aura
Anthropology of Supermodernity
The Right to be Lazy
Anthropological structuralist
It is 'now-time' to guess this theorist
The Wealth of Nations
The Practice of Everyday Life
Writer on gender and factory life, overshadowed by his better-known co-author
Justice and the Politics of Difference
Romantic utopian socialist, author of News from Nowhere
Ghanaian President, anti-colonial leader, and revolutionary theorist
I think, therefore I am
The Bonaventura Hotel as ideology
Structuralist Marxist now works on human rights
Soviet psychologist who advanced a cultural theory of child development
This 'wretched' theorist often wears a 'mask'
She sounds like she 'performs' a head servant's job
'Renegade' theorist of imperialism and materialist philosophy
Medieval Islamic political scientist?
This philosopher likes to go caving
Phenomenologist known for writing on phantom limbs
Future Primitive
Sociologist of cultural capital
Black Panther theorist
Known for his theory that God has no attributes
Don't leave him in the trenches and fieldworks
Jewish anarchist philosopher
Theorist of egaliberte
Psychoanalyst whose surname matches his nemesis
Oh my God! He killed God!
Invented the word 'lifestyle'
Critic of 'lifestyle anarchism'
There might be 'contradictions' in his 'practice'
Guerrilla theorist
African postcolonial theorist
Founder of deconstruction
Post-autonomist theorist of the multitude
Does King Charles use a wind turbine to manufacture toilets for this philosopher?
It's quite an 'event' to put this philosopher in a 'set'
Author of Sexual Politics
This guy is nasty, brutish and short
Ecriture Feminine
Aint No Black in the Union Jack
Caliban and the Witch
Western Marxist critical of cars
Should this be an Other answer?
Geographer of neoliberalism
Domination and the Arts of Resistance
The Moral Economy of the English Crowd
This theorist is not a myth!
Critic of 'maldevelopment'
Founder of Taoism
Try to encode or decode this theorist
Founder of phenomenology
French republican theorist wrote some 'compact' books
Hegelian materialist
Look out for returning chickens
Desire is revolutionary
English supporter of American and French revolutions
This pro-Nazi political theologian remains influential
The urge to destroy is a creative urge
You can't see these insurrectionists
Autonomist theorist of precarity and the 'soul at work'
Unlearn this hint!
Historian of the longue duree
Political theorist of neoliberalism
Ideological State Apparatuses
You'll need to take an original position on this theorist's work.
Hungarian modernist theorist
Critic of capitalist 'empire'
Writes on the human condition; Jewish writer with a Nazi friend
Anarchist anthropologist
Post-Marxist theorists of hegemony
Promoting Polyarchy
Shadows of Tender Fury
The Open Society and its Enemies
Simulate this guess
Utopian theorist of 'harmony'
Got his fly caught in a bottle
Czech President known for his theories of totalitarianism
Don't make a spectacle of this answer
This black feminist might ring if a pirate held her
Master-slave dialectic
Critic of propaganda
Early theorist of the rights of women
French sociologist, thought that social movements precede social orders
Small is Beautiful
Utilitarian anarchist
Writes on popular culture and all that jazz
Christian anarchist, better known for his literature
Never swims in the same river twice
Leading anti-psychiatrist
Head of the Frankfurt School
Founder of critical pedagogy
Twist a pig into a different shape, for the greater good
Do you have the 'power-to' guess this answer?
See this hand? It is mine. See these things? They are mine.
Elementary Aspects of Peasant Insurgency in Colonial India
Theatre of the Oppressed
One of the founders of German Idealism
French ultra-leftist and later primitivist
Society Against the State
Muslim Brotherhood theorist
Immaterial Labor
Radical critic of methodology and science
Molecular revolutionary
Sounds like he might be a comedy brother
Border thinker
Medieval Christian philosopher
Being and Time
The Colonizer and the Colonized
Source of many famous sayings
He's smarter than you, but only because he knows he's stupid
What is to be done with this revolutionary theorist?
Manipulative or parodic political theorist
Irreducibly unique theorist
Actor-network theorist
Postcolonial feminist
Time and Memory
His name is not short for 'Berkshire Hunt'. No, really.
Dutch council communists known for their critiques of Lenin
Early childhood psychoanalyst
On the Postcolony
Epistemology of the Closet
Self-described postmodernist
World-systems analyst
Theorist of 'value struggles' and commodity fetishism
Urban network philosopher
Likes to write about toilets
Leveller theorist
Anthropologist of the gift
Founder of structuralism
Postcolonial filmmaker who writes on critical geography
Indian ecologist and feminist
Temporarily autonomous theorist
The Imaginary Institution of Society
Hurry up!
Principle of Hope
Who Speaks for Indian Pasts?
Watch your archetypes
Critic of development
Time for a one-dimensional guess
Everyday revolutionary
Feminist critic of pornography
Mind your manners around this sociologist
French feminist psychoanalyst
Dialogism and polyphonism
Black feminist revolutionary writer
English empiricist theorist
Leading Native American theorist
Medieval Christian utopian
Theorist of uneven development and reproductive labour in South Africa
Interested in sexuality and discipline... gimp masks anyone?
Prince of anarchists
US foreign policy critic and linguist
Greek advocate of the golden mean
One of the three founders of Western Marxism
Is he really a butterfly?
Medieval Islamic theorist of an ideal state
Wrote critiques of schools, hospitals and organised religion
Cyborg theorist
Social Darwinist sociologist
French feminist theorist of the 'two'
Are you conscious of this theorist?
Abolition of Work
Theorist of communicative rationality and discourse ethics
Dialectic of Sex
Spanish founder of human rights discourse
Property is theft
This Italian theorist is rather 'camp'
Psychoanalyst of Indian politics
German Idealist sounds like he might crack eggs
Founder of interpretive sociology
Give a categorical answer to this one!
The Revolution Betrayed
Theorist of patriarchy, reproduction and the subsistence perspective
Philosopher of excess
Existentialist feminist

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