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Can you name the Harry Potter spells?

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Used to immobilise and opponentUsed by Hermione on Neville in book one
Produces a jet of waterUsed by Harry and Hagrid to put out a fire on Hagrids hut in book six
Causes victim to become confused and forgetful Used by Ron on his driving instructor at the end of book seven
Creates a patronusHarry Potter is famous for using this spell
Creates a flock of birdsUsed by Hermione, offensivly, on Ron in book six
Used to levitate a small objectSeamus accidently blows up a feather trying to master this spell
Counter charmto LumosUsed by Harry when he see's Snape approaching on the marauders map
Magnifies the casters voiceUsed by Ludo Bagman at the Qudditch world cup
Duplicates the object it is cast uponUsed by Hermione to duplicate Salazar Slytherin's locket
Opens a locked doorUsed by Hermione on the theird floor, in book one
Can carve or dig out materials, such as stone or steelHarry, Ron and Hermione used it in their escape from Gringotts
Used to Stun an opponentUsed by Barty Crouch when he suspects Harry of conjouring the Dark mark
Used against a BoggartLupin taught the Students this in their third year
Magically locks a doorIt is only effective against muggles
Disarms an opponentMost basic and effective defense spell, commonly used by Harry potter

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