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A demon-like creature, resembling a pigCormac McLaggen went hunting for them with his Uncle, Tiberious, Bertie Higgs and Rufus Scrimgeour
A cross between an Eagle and a HorseHarry and Hermione save one from execution
Giant, winged, fire-breathing ReptilesThe Triwizard champions each face one in the first task
Fully grown ones resemble giant scorpiansThey are Illegally bred by Hagrid
Winged horses, visable only to those who have seen deathHarry and Luna were the first to be able to see them
Small fire dwelling lizardFred and George once fed one fireworks, causing it to rocket around the room
A Greek beast with a mans head, lions body and the tail of a scorpionAqquired by Hagrid to breed with Fire Crabs
A fluffy, black, long-snouted beast.Used in a Care of magical creatures lesson to search for Leprachorn gold
A beautiful, pure white, horned horseVoldemort drank their blood in the first book
Small blue flying creatures, with a sting on its tailAustrailian witches and wizards often use their stings for levitation
A man who transforms into a wolf at the full moonLupin is one
A fairy-like creature covered in thick black hairFred and George used their venom in skiving snackboxes
A small elf used by rich wizards as serventsDobby is a free one of these
A garden pest with a large head and hard bony feetThe back garden of the Burrow is full of these
A human head on a lions body used to guard secret hidawaysUsed in the triwizard tournament maze, to guard the final creature Harry faced
Up to 12 feet tall, there are 3 varieties (Mountain, forest and river)Harry and Ron saved Hermione from one of these in their first year
They have a human body and fishes tailHarry faced these in the second Triwizard task
A giant spiderHagrid has one called Aragog
A red fire bird, with healing tearsDumbledore's is called Fawkes
A Giant serpentIt traveled round Hogwarts in the pipes

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