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invented by Eli Whitney, this machine separated seeds from cotton much faster than any person could
allowed faster transportation of goods through canals or other bodies of water
mechanical, semi-automated device that harvests crops.
machine that greatly reduced the time to sew clothing
device used to carry messages thousands of miles away tapped in code across copper wire
caused a very intense increase in literacy rates
firearm first used by America in the war for independence against Great Britain
fully automatic gun first used by the U.S. in ww1
very large armoires fighting vehicle first used in ww1
form of chemical warfare first used in ww1 and the U.S. Also used heavily during the Vietnam war
allows stations to broadcast music or talk shows. Became popular in the U.S. during 1920s
weapon of mass destruction developed by US on the brink of war. Manhattan project
created a quicker way of moving throughout the country. Revolutionized transportation in america
invented by scientists in 1951. Became more practical for families to own in the 80's
came to use in the late 90's and was a new way of instantly communicating and staying in touch worldwide
developed during the space race and was launched in 1969. 135 space missions from NASA since then
made getting oil more practical and cheaper and turned it into a billion dollar industry
underwater watercraft widely used in ww1. This sank the loisianna
flying vehicle first used widely in war during ww1
first automobile produced by Henry ford
became very popular in homes during the 60s. Allowed citizens to view the Vietnam war in their homes
allowed writers to put their writing onto printed paper
thomas edison invention that revolutionized the world
allowed people to talk rather than send morse code
popular invention during the 1920s. cleaned living rooms

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