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Can you name the stories featuring more than one of the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master?

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The Master returns very unexpectedly to offer the Doctor an unstoppable army of Cybermen. (two-part story) (2014)
Two versions of the Master separately end up on a colony ship that survives by converting its members to Cybermen. (2017)
The Third Doctor encounters the Master on the Draconian homeworld, accompanied by a shocking bodyguard of Daleks. (1973)
The Daleks reject the Master's offer of the Doctor's TARDIS and (seemingly) exterminate both; later, though, the Master has a clever idea... (two-part story) (2015)
A soldier killed on a mission inside a Dalek's casing meets a figure in the afterlife later revealed to be the Master. (2014)
Millions of Daleks and Cybermen battle on Earth, with humanity caught in the crossfire. (two-part story) (2006)
Daleks, Cybermen, the Master, and the Doctor (several times) are all pulled into Gallifrey's forbidden Death Zone. (1983)
While the Daleks try to stop the Time Lords from returning to the universe, the Doctor befriends Handles, a reprogrammed Cyberman head. (2013)
Cybermen and Daleks are among the many aliens gathering at Stonehenge to open the world's strongest prison: a trap for the Doctor. (2010)

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