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001 - Released July 2011, Notable songs Hello, Dubstep Killed Rock n' Roll, Cold Blood & Ice Cream Cones
002 - Released August 2011, Notable songs Light Pollution, Airwaves, Bassex
003 - Released November 2011, Notable songs Android, Top of the World, Division
004 - Released December 2011, Notable songs Run Away From Me, Oblivion, Pump It!
005 - Released February 2012, Notable songs Bad Pitched, Follow Me, Killin' It
006 - Released April 2012, Notable songs Gunpoint VIP, This Is It, Talent Goes By
007 - Released June 2012, Notable songs Ampersand, Disconnected, I Remember
008 - Released July 2012, Notable songs Pressure Cooker, Too Simple, Dynamite
009 - Released September 2012, Notable songs Awesome to the Max, Fire in the Hole, One Minute (Dotexe's Dopest Dope Remix)
010 - Released October 2012, Notable songs Adventure Time, Self Destruct, Snake Eyes
011 - Released December 2012, Notable songs Dreams, The Mentalist, Harmony
012 - Released March 2013, Notable songs Flight, Heartbeat, Cynical
013 - Released June 2013, Notable songs Razor Sharp, Toothless Hawkins (and His Robot Jazz Band), Collide
014 - Released September 2013, Notable songs Manslaughter VIP, One for All All for One, Sugar Rush
015 - Released November 2013, Notable songs To The Stars, Collide (Astronaut/Barely Alive Remix), From the Dust
016 - Released February 2014, Notable songs Once Again, New Game, Till It's Over
017 - Released May 2014, Notable songs Surface, Hero, Frame of Mind
018 - Released August 2014, Notable songs New Style, Breakdown VIP, Here it Comes
019 - Released October 2014, Notable songs Emergency, Anime Bae, Boundless
020 - Released December 2014, Notable songs Top of the World 2, My Friend, Turbo Penguin
021 - Released March 2015, Notable songs The Girl, Far Away, Children of the Night
022 - Released 2015, Notable songs Hold Fast, Try This, Legends
023 - Released August 2015, Notable songs Titans, 4U, Final Boss
024 - Released November 2015, Notable songs We Won't Be Alone, Ultimatum, Heist
025 - Released December 2015, Notable songs Signs, The Vine, Be Free
026 - Released March 2016, Notable songs All Alone, Antihero, They Just Haven't Seen It
027 - Released June 2016, Notable songs Superstar, Alone, Checkpoint
028 - Released September 2016, Notable songs Nevada, Deep in the Night, By Design
029 - Released November 2016, Notable songs Fight, Tunnel Vision, Trust In Me
030 - Released February 2017, Notable songs Go Berzerk, Saving Light, Someone New
031 - Released May 2017, Notable songs Unity, Everything Black, Sweet

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