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Can you name the Stage Shows by Character A-Z?

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Prior, Belize, HarperA
Max, Rudy, HorstB
The Wife, The Girl on a Swing, The Girl in the Yellow DressC
Andre, Muriel, FreddieD
Ash, Cheryl, JakeE
Sharon, Og, WoodyF
Otto, Hermann, ErikG
Yitzhak, Skszp, Tommy GnosisH
Algernon, Gwendolen, Lady BracknellI
Seth, Bynum, Herald LoomisJ
Hajj, Caliph, MarsinahK
Fabrizio, Clara, GiuseppeL
Agnes Gooch, Vera Charles, Beauregard Jackson Pickett BurnsideM
Belinda, Garry, PoppyN
Florence, Olive, ManoloO
Claire, Hal, RobertP
Jimmy, Bell Boy, The RockerQ
Tina, Sylvia St. Croix, Lita EncoreR
Jules, The Boatman, Louis the BakerS
Jon, Michael, SusanT
Pennywise, Lockstock, Little SallyU
Schoolteacher, Ill, ClaireV
The Mason, The Trucker, The WaitressW
Clio, Calliope, SonnyX
Bird, Squirrel, MoleY
Steve, Roberta, MikeZ

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