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Can you name the movies by their 'songs'??

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SongMovieMusical Production Details
'He Was Kinda Funny Looking (Uncircumcised Version)', 'I Don't See Anything (I Just Think I'm Going to Barf).'
'One Down, Four to Go,' 'Pai Mei's Training,' 'The Lioness and Her Cub.'
'12 Cabins,' 'I Wouldn't Hurt A Fly,' 'Showering is So Nic-OWWW!'
'Get In My Throat,' 'Smile you SOB,' 'You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat.'
'I Am Darth Vader from Planet Vulcan,' '1.21 Gigawatts (A Bolt of Lightning),' 'DeLorean Refrain'
'Fava Beans,' 'Awesome Mask,' 'It Puts the Lotion On Its Skin.'
'Get Out of the Fountain,' 'Sylvia and the Cat,' 'Orgy Time.'
'Korova Time,' 'Eunuch Jelly,' 'Ludovico Treatment.'
'New Orleans,' 'I'm A Faded Southern Dame,' 'I Am Just a Simple Paperboy,' 'STELLA!'
'Dr Zaius,' 'You Finally Made a Monkey Out of Me.'
'Eve on the Moon,' 'Fasten Your Seatbelts,' 'The Sarah Siddons Award.'
'Dude,' 'Shut the **** Up,' 'Rug.'
'Royale with Cheese,' 'I Shot Marvin in the Face,' 'I Hid This Watch Up My Ass.'
'Ballad of the Brain,' 'Ballad of the Athlete,' 'Ballad of the Basket Case,' 'Ballad of the Princess,' 'Ballad of the Criminal.'
'I Don't Tip,' 'Like a Virgin is About...,' 'K Billy's Super Sounds of the 70s.'
SongMovieMusical Production Details
'I'm Funny How,' 'Lucky Hat,' 'The **** Montage Song.'
'Green Destiny,' 'Arranged Marriages Suck,' 'Purple Yin Poison.'
'Love vs Hate,' 'Racial Insult Song.'
'Jacking Off in the Shower,' 'Rose Sex,' 'My First Time.'
'Faun Song,' 'Children Are So Yummy,' 'My Child is a Boy.'
'99 Nights,' 'Cut Kisses Song,' 'Projector.'
'Puking,' 'Let Jesus **** You,' 'Crucifix Fun.'
'I Drink Your Milkshake.'
'I'm Not a Girl,' 'Swimming Pool,' 'Squeal Like a Pig.'
'Five Down, Two to Go,' 'Become Wrath,' 'What's in The Box?'
'gnoS sdrawkcaB,' 'gnoS oottaT,' 'gnoS aisenmA.'
'15 Couples Having an Orgasm,' 'Melting,' 'Scavenger Hunt.'
'7 Days,' 'Turn that TV Off,' 'Copy.'
'I Am Your Daughter,' 'Doves Poo on the Window,' 'I'M Dead?'
'Hail Satan,' 'The Name is an Anagram,' 'Someone Inhuman Raped Me (Thanks a Lot).'

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