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'Oh no, I just keep on falling, Back to the same old, And where's hope, when misery comes crawling'
'___________ when you let your heart win, whoa. / I drowned out all my sense with the sound'
'This heart, it beats, beats for only you'
'We all became such fragile, broken things / A memory remains just a tiny spark'
I got a lot to say to you / Yeah, I got a lot to say / I noticed your eyes are always glued to me
I'm not so naive, my sorry eyes can see / The way you fight shy of almost everything / Well, if you give up, you'll get what you deserve
Close your eyes and make believe this is where you want to be Forgetting all the memories
it's getting closer now / We're better off without you / Without you / Some things I'll never know / And I had to let them go
Set restrictions, separate from the world / The constant battle that you hate to fight / Just blame the limelight
I think we have an emergency I think we have an emergency If you thought I'd leave then you were wrong 'Cause I won't stop holding
We'll make it last forever / Holding onto patience wearing thin / I can't force these eyes to see the end
Let's take it from the top / She's got a body like an hourglass / That's ticking like a clock / It's a matter of time
On this side of town it touches everything / Just say it again and mean it / We don't miss a thing / You made yourself a bed
I am outside And I've been waiting for the sun And with my wide eyes I've seen worlds that don't belong My mouth is dry with words
with all the things we said / And not a minute spent to think that we'd regret / So we just take it back these words and hold our

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