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Can you name the artists from Beavis and Butthead's comments?

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'I think I just pooped in my pants. I realised it was [Artist's Name] and my bowels let loose'Everybody's Crazy
'This butthole keeps saying he can dance, but he can't dance. They need to go to a Pantera concert and learn how to dance.'Safety Dance
'Beavis this guy wouldn't want to hang out with you.' 'Yeah he would, shut up. I'm a liar too.'Liar
'I think that the problem with this video is it is highly derivative of many popular bands within the genre. Although when viewed on its own merits, it does have a deeper groove. Blind
'Even if [Band Name] did unplugged I bet they'd still have explosions.' 'They'd be like, we're not going to unplug the explosion machine dude. It's what got us here.'From Here To Eternity
'He said he gave his heart and soul to some chick.' 'That must have been at least 50 pounds of meat.'Existence Is Punishment
'How come [Singer's name] has those two big coco puffs stuck to his cheek?'No Voices In The Sky
'You know who [Band Name] looks like in this video? She looks like that Tori Spelling chick.'Violet
'They're like the desert cops. They're kicking [Band Name] out of the desert.' 'They were playing too loud' 'Not loud enough Beavis.'Season In The Abyss
'That [Singer's Name] dude looks like the cowardly lionFor Whom The Bell Tolls
'Is this The Partridge Family?'Seperate Ways
'This chick was married to that dude who would punch you if you took his picture.' 'That Woody Allen dude.'Fever
'Does this [Band Name] guy ever relax?' 'I don't think so. This guy's Dad must have kicked his ass when he was a kid.'This Love
'It looks like this sort of voice would come out of Godzilla, or maybe like come out of Godzilla's butt.'Plague Rages
'I can't believe she's talking to [Artist's Name] that way.' 'If it wasn't his Mom he'd be putting the smackdown.'Gin and Juice
'These guys are like a cross between Danzig and Megadeth.' 'I think they're like a cross between Danzig and my butt.'Black No 1
'Hey Beavis, this guy talks like you.'Sweating Bullets
'They're always putting this guy down and making fun of him and saying he sucks and stuff, but you know he really does suck and this is one of those times when everybody's right.'I Love You
'Er what is this?' 'Don't worry Butthead it gets cool in a minute.' 'It better start rocking or I'll really give him something to cry about.'Creep
'These guys are pretty cool for a bunch of mimes.'I Love It Loud

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