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Can you name the name the protagonist of a YA series based on the vague description of them?

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Wakes up with no memory in a land full of boys, is locked out and almost killed by living robot creatures.
Brought up as an assassin and a slave despite being the true Queen of the country.
Becomes obsessed with strange family she sees at school, dies to be with them.
Meets a dead man at her uncle's funeral.
Chose to live with people who jump from trains for fun; brother tries to kill her.
Lives under the stairs for 11 years when a giant tells him he's rich and famous.
Finds a school of children with special abilities, is the only one who can save their lives.
Has a knack for killing small animals from long range, volunteers to take part in death game.
Falls in love with a half-angel warrior, finds out he might be her brother.
Attends a camp for people with one out of two weird parents.

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