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Can you name these video game characters by these somewhat insulting descriptions?

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Fat blue-collar worker who beats up lizards and hits on royalty.
Pointy-eared brat from a long line of pointy-eared brats in uncomfortable tights.
Homicidal abomination who only gets involved in saving his world when there's food in it for him.
Chick in big shoulder pads who commits genocide on a regular basis.
Bearded idiot who can't keep his clothes on, even in life-or-death situations.
Overexcited mutated mammal who tries to stop scientific progress.
Uncouth jackass with parent issues, a murderous brother, and a sword way larger than it has to be.
Circle with an eating disorder and uncontrollable racism against ghosts.
Mindless tool of the government, used to kill invasive species with extreme prejudice.
Hipster bike messenger whose shocking powers aren't enough to stop him whining about good and evil.
Skinless horror out to kill an unborn child in order to score with a pile of gauze.
Aimless drifter who beats people up for a living, including his best friend.
Supposed archaeologist who frequently destroys irreplaceable historical artifacts.
Gender-confused spacefaring military leader who swings between being a doormat and being a jerk.
Former outlaw with no greater ambitions than killing his one-time accomplices in order to avoid punishment for his crimes.
Suicidal amphibian who insists on playing in traffic.
Obscure furred animal who won't shut the heck up and hasn't had a game since the '90s.

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