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Can you name the classes in the game Darkest Dungeon?

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'Tortured and reclusive... this man is more dangerous than he seems.'
'She searches where others will not go... and sees what others will not see.'
'Shoot, bandage and pillage: the dancing steps of war.'
'The thrill of the hunt... The promise of payment.'
'A mighty sword arm anchored by holy purpose.'
'Awash in blood and delusion... He bears the burdens of a thousand lifetimes.'
'To those with keen eye... Gold gleams like a dagger's point.'
'Barbaric rage and unrelenting savagery make for a powerful ally.'
'Elusive, evasive, persistent... Righteous traits for a rogue.'
'A lawman and his faithful beast, a bond forged by battle and bloodshed.'
'He'll be laughing still... At the end.'
'This man understands that adversity and existence... are one and the same.'
'The raw strength of youth might be spent... but his eyes hold the secret of a hundred campaigns.'
'To fight the Abyss... one must know it.'
'What better laboratory than the blood-soaked battlefield?'
'Shifting. Swaying. She mesmerizes her prey before the final strike!'
'A sister of battle... Pious and unrelenting.'

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