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Can you determine which of these are real Stand powers in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?

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PowerYes or No?Notes
Predict the future with a comic book
Reshape and alter the properties of paper
Gain strength by eating fire
Deflate people by poking them
Kill anyone by writing down their names
Make someone do exactly what you say
Reveal a person's life story by killing them
Attack people by striking their reflections
Become superhuman by snorting cocaine
Turn into a dinosaur
Chill the water in your body enough to freeze someone solid
Turn your right hand into whatever your left hand touches
Release a fog that turns injured people into zombies
PowerYes or No?Notes
Unleash an indestructible monster when you die
Turn people into snails
Yank people, including yourself, from alternate dimensions
Raise the dead as they were in life
Sprout limbs at will from any surface
Teleport by opening doors in thin air
Kill someone by stabbing them twice in the same spot
Enter a pocket dimension inside a turtle shell
Prepare food that can cure physical ailments when eaten
Force someone to say the opposite of what they want
Change your appearance by covering yourself in goo
Become invincible as long as you stay perfectly still

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