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Neural definitionsTermClue
Technical term for light
Part of the eye that is stimulated by light
Type of receptor in the eye (luminance)
Type of receptor in the eye (colour)
Light-Sensitive chemicals contained in the receptors
Chemicals in the receptors react to light and trigger...
Eventually signals arrive at the back of the eye and are conducted towards the brain through the..
The area of the eye contains only one type of receptor
What type of receptor is found in this part of the eye
Neural definitionsTermClue
Part of the eye contains both types of receptor
One component of the disc membrane large protein
Another component of the disc membranelight-sensitive molecule
Transformation of light energy into electrical energy
This transformation begins when the light-sensitive retinal absorbs...
Smallest possible packet of light energy
The process of the photon changing shape after being absorbed by the retinal
The capacity of an excited neuron to reduce the activity of its neighbours
Another way of saying activation and deactivation

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