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Forced Order
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'How did that ________ get on the television?'
'How come all the _____ are different sizes?'
'That's the great thing about ___________, Dougal. It's very vague and no one knows what it's really about.'
'Oh, no, not _______! What am I on about? No, I meant... What do you call them...? ..._______.'
I hear you're a ______ now, Father. Should we all be ______ now? Only the farm takes up most of the day and at night, I just like a cup of tea.'
'What was my ______ about, Dougal? Do you remember?'
'Are you sure, Father? There's _______ in it.'
'Drink! _____! Drink!'
'So, God, does he really exist? I mean, who knows? I don't know. Personally, I don't even believe in _________ ________.'
'Down with this ____ __ _____!'
'Those ___________, up to no good as usual!'
'If you ever say that to me again, I'll put your ____ through the ____.'
'I tell you what - I'll make the ___ and you take your ___ off.'
'It doesn't have any eyebrows, except on _________, and when it yawns, it sounds like Liam Neeson chasing a load of ____ around inside a barrell.'
'God, it's ______ out.'
'Feck off, ___!'
'You've a face like a pair of ____!'
'________ dress in black and go around telling everyone what to do, whereas... priests... More drinks!'
'What? Priests? Don't tell me I'm still on that fecking _______!'
'My lovely, lovely, lovely _____!'
Classic QuoteBlank
'Ah, it's ________.'
'The ______ awakes. Did we disturb you, Father?'
'These are _____, but the ones out there are ___ ___.'
'Sorry, Ted. I was concentrating too hard on looking ____.'
'Buckaroo. The sport of _____.'
'I've heard about those _____, everyone dressing in black and saying our Lord's coming back to judge us all.'
'Do you ever notice how it's usually ____ people who end up in hospitals?'
'Well, like I said the last time, it won't happen _____.'
''_______' this and '_______' that! You can't move for the ________ in her novels! It's wall-to-wall ________!'
'Oh, no, no thanks, I have a kind of allergic reaction to it, ya know? It's very rare, but pretty serious. If I drink tea, there's a 70% chance I'll ___.'
'So, then - you're a ___!'
'God, I've never seen a _____ at 5am before.'
'You can forget about Icy Tea and ______ ______ Dog Dog.'
'Don't call me Len, you little prick! I'm a ______!'
'A pair of fecking women's ________!'
'Would you like a ___ __ ___?'
'Ah, go on! Will ya not have a ____?'
'That would be an __________ matter.'
'Ah, go on, __ __, go on, go on...'
'He's lost the trust of his _____. That's punishment enough for a farmer who deals primarily with _____.'

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