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Forced Order
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'London boys are gazing, girls go hand in hand, a pocket full of innocence, the entrance is grand...'
'You better come inside when you're ready to, but no chance if you don't wanna dance...'
'Bread for the winner, others starve for their dinner, the noble cause is in vain...'
'Every dream I dream is like, some kind of rash and reckless scene...'
'On a psychedelic space machine, galactic sugar high, like a caffeinated satellite, gone way past ninety-nine...'
'I get high on you, I'm on fire over you, and I can't let you go, can't let you go...'
'Razzle 'n' a dazzle 'n' a flash a little light, television lover, make me go all night...'
'I'm sick and tired of the doubt in me, I'm gonna make my own movie...'
'I can take you through the centre of the dark, we're gonna fly, on a collision course to crash into your heart...'
'Cool woman, cool eyes, you've got me hypnotised...'
'You're all that I am, you're all that I see, the keys to the kingdom are waiting for me, so don't hold me back, and don't hold me down, just hold me and don't let go...'
'Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right, fallin' head over heels, at the speed of light...'
'Can you show me why I need to forgive, can you tell me I have a reason to live...'
'Rise up, gather round, rock this place to the ground, burn it up, let's go for broke, watch the night go up in smoke...'
'Destination anywhere, so far gone I'm almost there, can't you see, I can't deny, I'm out of here like I'm on fire...'
'Hold tight, 'cause I like what I see, you excite, you put your finger on me...'
'Women to the left, women to the right, there to entertain, to take you through the night...'
'Oh, I've gotta see the fire in me, turning into ecstasy, so sit around and settle down enjoy the mystery...'
'Bruised hearts are broken, when love is at the door, I bet your tears dry up before they hit the floor...'
'Last night I, was blown away, I said a million things, I never say...'
'The kind of eyes that could start a fire, yes, I like it...'
'This obsession, it's gettin' a-invitin', a little a, X-rated, a little bit excitin'...'
Awesome Lyric SnippetAwesome Song
'The heart's never broken, eyes wide open to the signs, and your bitter taste is such a nuclear waste of time...'
'Darkness falling, midnight calling, it's a full moon warning, the devil's dawning...'
'You're such a secret, misty-eyed and shady, lady, how you hold the key...'
'All the women were captured in chains, and national suicide was proclaimed...'
'I've been waiting, going crazy, I can't sleep when I know you're not around...'
'Strung out as the night comes crawlin', your halo of thorns is fallin'...'
'Does it hurt to remember, does it help to forget, do you know what you started, when you lit the fuse of regret...'
'Without you a night alone, is like a year without you, baby, do you have a heart of stone...'
'Lady luck never smiles, so lend your love to me a while...'
'Your heart is such a deep divide, and your love is just a love denied...'
'Hey, boys, Miss Magic is back, no Hollywood waste or tinsel trash...'
'Rollin' like thunder, you know you make me walk the wire...'
'We're gonna make it, baby, so step inside, and if we make it, baby, we're gonna ride...'
'Stop the hate, carry the load, come on, get this show on the road...'
'There's a magic runnin' through your soul, but you can't have it all...'
'I've got a bottle of pills to give me my thrills, and I know I'm leading a life that kills...'
'I see your face every time I dream, on every page every magazine...'
'I'm an average, ordinary, everyday kid, happy to do nothing, in fact, that's what I did...'
'When you're alone, do you let go, are you wild and willing, or is it just for show...'
'In the middle of the night, in the early morning light, you can hear them a million miles away...'
'I said welcome to my show, just you and me, babe, we've got the whole damn night to go...'
'On a countdown to zero, take a ride on the nightmare machine, there ain't gonna be heroes, there ain't gonna be anything...'
Awesome Lyric SnippetAwesome Song
'No promises, no guarantees, when you come down here, you're already on your knees...'
'Let's choose the hero with blood in his eyes, with scars on his mind, took so many lives...'
'I've got to feel it in my blood, I need your touch, don't need your love...'
'End with this message, that I bring to you...'
'Let me through, don't spoil my view, I've got to get away, away from you...'
'There's an empty chair at my table, there's an empty look in your eyes...'
'Confusion in his mind, the blind leads the blind...'
'I'll tell you what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna give my love to you...'
'I've gotta know tonight, if you're alone tonight, can't stop this feelin', can't stop this fire...'
'You came into my life like a whirlwind, girl, you let me know what lovin' really means...'
'You ask me to be your saviour, but I'm a poster boy for bad behaviour...'
'I've got my whiskey, I've got my wine, I've got my woman, and this time the lights are goin' out...'
'Livin' by the rules is just somethin' that you gotta do, but does it matter if we break a rule or two...'
'My hair's a real mess, I feel and I look like a joke, and there's a hole in my jeans, I've just ran right out of smokes...'
'It's a passion crime, with a danger sign, oh, can you handle it, yeah, you're just another girl, I'm just another man, it's just another night...'
'I'm coming around, I'm wired for sound, I'm shakin' it for all it's worth...'
'One part love, one part wild, one part lady, one part child...'
'I'm not well, I'm mad as hell, come over here, I'll ring your bell...'
'Your heart is beating like a drum, so step right up, 'cause your time has come...'
'She was a foxy rocker, a roxy roller, an unchained sex machine, yeah, slippin', slidin', electric glidin', and boy, she was mean...'

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