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Can you fill in the blanks in these Def Leppard song titles?

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Forced Order
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Rockin SongBlankAlbum
Kings Of ________Euphoria
_________ LoveRetro Active
Bad _______Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
Comin' Under ____Pyromania
Broke 'N' _____________Def Leppard
__________ ItHysteria
When Love And Hate _______Vault: Def Leppard Greatest Hits
You Got Me ______High 'N' Dry
Pearl Of ________Slang
To Be _____Euphoria
____ StrangeHigh 'N' Dry
Pour Some _____ On MeHysteria
Come ______Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
Four ______ WordX
____ DanceDef Leppard
All I ____ Is EverythingSlang
_____ FaithDef Leppard
Rock Of ____Pyromania
Hello _______On Through The Night
Forever _____Def Leppard
Only The ____ Die YoungSongs From The Sparkle Lounge
It's ____ LoveEuphoria
______ Not WordsPyromania
Me & My ____High 'N' Dry
___ Of LoveDef Leppard
Bringin' On The __________High 'N' Dry
Rockin SongBlankAlbum
______ Got A GunPyromania
Another ___ And RunHigh 'N' Dry
On Through The _____High 'N' Dry
Nine _____Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
____ GoDef Leppard
Don't _____ ShotgunHysteria
High 'N' Dry (________ Night)High 'N' Dry
______ Of My OwnDef Leppard
All Time ____Def Leppard
____ BitesHysteria
____ It DownAdrenalize
Only After ____Retro Active
______ IsAdrenalize
Demolition ___Euphoria
Rock Rock (Till You ____)Pyromania
____ You In A HeartbeatRetro Active
____ Into The SunRetro Active
No __ NoHigh 'N' Dry
Torn To ______X
____ BrigadeOn Through The Night
Let's Get ______Adrenalize
When The Walls Came ________ DownOn Through The Night
Love And _________Hysteria
Stand Up (____ Love into Motion)Adrenalize
___ Hard The HunterPyromania
Answer To The ______On Through The Night
Rockin SongBlankAlbum
21st Century Sha La La La ____Euphoria
I Wanna Be Your ____Retro Active
Wings Of An _____Def Leppard
Gods Of ___Hysteria
_____ SunEuphoria
Blood Runs ____Slang
Two Steps ______Retro Active
_____ LightningAdrenalize
____ It OutSlang
Too ____ For LovePyromania
______ Is A WomanOn Through The Night
Have You Ever ______ Someone So BadAdrenalize
____ Of FireRetro Active
Run ____Hysteria
____ In Your FaceEuphoria
____ The DayX
We ______Def Leppard
_____ Of The WorldMirrorball - Live & More
______ 625High 'N' Dry
_____ OffOn Through The Night
___ It GoHigh 'N' Dry
Long Long Way To __X
Turn To ____Slang
C'mon ____Songs From The Sparkle Lounge

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