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refused to recant his statements at Diet of Worms
biggest seller of indulgences in Catholic Church
influential German princes prevented him from sending Luther to Rome
thought things must be stated directly in the Bible, headed Reformation in Switzerland (last name)
40% French nobles converted to his religion seeking to gain noble autonomy similar to Holy Roman Empire
created Anglican Church to get his marriage annulled
said baptism should occur when an individual chooses to be Catholic
group of people that is predestined for salvation according to Calvinist doctrine
focused on helping the poor and studying the Bible
better to be feared than loved, ends justify the means
author of The Courtier, individuals should be well-rounded
each part of the Holy Trinity should be worshipped as a separate god
son of Henry VIII who presided over Protestantism in England
pope who sought to fund St. Peter's Basilica by selling indulgences
family that forms Catholic League with Spain during French wars of religion
Henry ______ victorious in French wars of religion
Catherine de Medici was a member of this family during French wars of religion
politique leader during French wars of religion (3 words)
sought to convert all Dutch Protestants to Catholocism (3 words)
revolutionized astronomy by suggesting planets revolve around sun, not Earth
mathematics should be used to create knowledge instead of physical observation
promoted reasoning that started with the conclusion
support for her to take the throne because of hereditary succession caused execution of Lady Jane Grey
'supreme governor' of religious affairs in England during their reign
ruled in a country she was not from with a religious denomination she didn't belong to (4 words)
believed Britain had an illegitimate queen, victim to English naval pirate attacks
first group that marked a separation from Catholic doctrine
Protestants not recognized under the 1555 Peace of Augsburg
translated New Testament into English
thought truth was relative so everyone can believe what they want
Catholics should transform themselves through discipline and order (3 words)
tried to end fighting in France with wedding between Henry of Navarre and Margot Valois
wished to assassinate Elizabeth because of her promotion of moderate religious ideals (2 words)

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