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Can you name the Pokemon Ash has or has had (if pokémon has evolved enter last form)?

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ElectricIn current party
FireIn current party
FlyingIn current party
Grass/GroundIn current party
WaterIn current party
Dragon/GroundIn current party
GrassAt Oak's Lab
GroundAt Oak's Lab
FlyingAt Oak's Lab
WaterAt Oak's Lab
IceAt Oak's Lab
FireAt Oak's Lab
GrassAt Oak's Lab
GrassAt Oak's Lab
FireAt Oak's Lab
WaterAt Oak's Lab
Bug/FightingAt Oak's Lab
NormalAt Oak's Lab
WaterAt Oak's Lab
NormalAt Oak's Lab (30)
PoisonAt Oak's Lab
Normal/FlyingAt Oak's Lab
Fire/FlyingCurrently in Charific Valley
Ground/FlyingLeft to Train with Air Battle Master
WaterCurrently In the ' ' Squad
NormalTraded to Dawn
Rock/GroundGiven back to its mother
Bug/PoisonGiven to Casey
Water/IceLeft back to its family
Flying/NormalLeft in Viridian Forest
FightingLeft with Trainer to become P1 champion
Ghost/PoisonGiven to Sabrina
Bug/FlyingReleased to breed
NormalTraded back to trainer on St. Anne

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