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QUIZ: Can You Answer the Questions on the Hamilton Musical?

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What name do the Americans give to the British soldiers, in reference to their uniforms?
How old was Alexander when his father left him and his mother?
How many dollars did Hamilton give to Maria Reynolds upon their first meeting?
The year that John Adams supposedly spoke to King George III. What was it?
Which European city did Angelica move to with her husband?
What did Jefferson arrange, as well as the menu and the venue?
Where is it quiet?
What is the 5th duel commandment?
What was the name of the British Admiral with troops on the water?
What are both Hamilton and Burr reliable with?
What is the name of Jefferson's home in Virginia?
Which words did Hamilton publish in response to Adams’ taunts?
Which knight of the round table from Arthurian Legend is Lafayette often likened to?
In which year did the Battle of Yorktown take place?
Who did Thomas Jefferson tie with in the presidential election of 1800?
Who was America's spy on the inside?
Alexander Hamilton was a founding father of which political party?
Whose flag did the revolutionaries leave the battlefield waving higher?
Where is Angelica Schuyler Church buried?
Which state does the duel between Philip Hamilton and George Eacker take place?
Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary of what?
Who does Hamilton ask if they should honour their treaty to France?
How many years of his life did Washington dedicate to his country?
Which state are Jefferson, Madison and Washington all from?
In which battle did General Charles Lee order a retreat against Washington's orders?
How many of the 85 essays defending the new US constitution did Hamilton write?
Who was the 2nd president of the United States?
Name the 3rd Schuyler sister. Angelica, Eliza....?
Which drink did John Laurens have two of, before working on his third?
Who does Hamilton's dog 'speak more eloquently than'?

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