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Which pain relief drug is House addicted to?
What is the name of House's best friend?
..and what department does his best friend work in?
What is the name of the hospital that the show is based inside? (initials accepted)
What is Dr. Foreman's first name?
What is Dr. Chase's first name?
What is Dr. Cameron's first name?
Who does House decide to fire first when told to fire a team member by billionaire Edward Vogler?
How long does Cuddy bet House that he cannot go without Vicodin in exchange for a month off clinic duty?
In 'Three Stories', House describes 3 patients including a farmer and a golfer. What sport does the 3rd patient play?
What disease was Cameron at risk of being exposed to and infected by due to a patient coughing blood onto her?
Who, acting as medical proxy, overruled House's risky surgery, leaving him with chronic pain in his leg?
What is the name of the episode in which House is shot?
Complete the line that House says to Cameron. 'A little whorish to kiss and _____'
Which member of the team has a degenerative disease?
What is Dr. Taub's first name?
What possession of House's does Wilson take hostage in 'Alone'?
Which team member is trained in hypnotherapy?
What is the name of Cuddy's daughter?
Which team member took their own life?
What was Lucas' profession?
What activity gets both couples banned from the business after a double date gets competitive?
What is the name of the episode in which House and multiple others are taken hostage?
What is Chase allergic to?
Which drug was House taking to ease his leg pain in season 5, suspected to be heroine?
What is the name of the woman that dies, following amputation after a crane collapsed onto her?
Upon leaving the psychiatric hospital, which hobby does House briefly take up?
The episode '5 to 9' centres around which character?
Which musical does House buy a large, framed poster of to convince their neighbour that he and Wilson are in a relationship?
Which country does Thirteen travel to after Foreman fires her?
What is Dr. Masters' first name?
Which animal do House and Wilson try to keep hidden in the hospital longest for a bet?
What was the cause of the cobalt poisoning that Cuddy's mother was suffering from?
Which DVD does House return to Cuddy after their breakup?
Which American coin do House and Wilson believe Rachel swallowed?
What is the name of the online friend that Taub's wife later becomes romantically involved with?
What is the name of House's favourite prostitute?
....and what instrument can she play?
Who takes over from Lisa Cuddy as Dean of Medicine at the hospital?
Which doctor is stabbed in 'Nobody's Fault'?
Which country is House's wife, Dominika Petrova originally from?
What are the names of Taub's daughters?
Who takes over from House as head of the Diagnostics department?
Who, along with Wilson, witnesses House's apparent death?
What are the exact words of House's text to Wilson during his own funeral?

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