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plot linesongepisode
Rachel auditions for glee singing...Pilot
Will decides to become an accountant singing...Pilot
Finn leaves Rachel at bowling and she sings...Showmance
Kurt tell Mercedes he's not interested leading her to sing...Acafellas
Kurt uses this song in football practicePreggers
Rachel quits Glee club when Tina sing 'her' solo...Preggers
April and Will sing this song at on Bingo nightThe Rhodes Not Taken
Finn shares some 'vitamin D' with the boys who then sing a mass up of It's my life and......Vitamin D
Sue's kids and Will's kids sing this together between rehearsalsThrowdown
Everyone finds out Quinn is pregnant so to support her everyone sings...Throwdown
Emma wants this song for her wedding with KenMash-Up
Rachel tells Puck she only dates guys who sing solos so he sings...Mash-Up
Burt complains when his son is not allowed to sing this songWheels
Rachel falls in love with Will after they sing...Ballad
Quinn is kicked out of home after Finn sings...Ballad
Will is worried by Jane Adam's Girl Choirs version of...Hairography
Quinn and Puck babysit Kendra's children and to make them sleep sing...Hairography
While staring in a mattress commercial the New Directions sing...Mattress
Rachel agrees Mercedes should sing the solo at sectionals after her rendition of...Sectionals
Finn returns to Glee club and they perform this group number at sectionalsSectionals
After being dumped by Finn, Rachel meets Jesse at the library and they singHell-O
Threatened by Jesse joining New Directions, Mercedes and Kurt join Cheerios and sing..The Power of Madonna
Will meets April at a roller rink where they sing..Home
As Finn and Kurt think about living together they singHome
Trying to be bad Artie and three others sing this song in the libraryBad Reputation
After the Run Joey Run argument, Jesse and Rachel sing this while doing balletBad Reputation
Trying to regain popularity and woo Mercedes, Puck sings this with MercedesLaryngitis
Jealous of Burt's relationship with Finn, Kurt has a makeover and singsLaryngitis
Jesse plays a tape from Shelly to Rachel where Shelly singsDream On
Artie can't dance so asks Tina to dance with Mike while he singsDream On
While the girls and Kurt sing Lady Gaga, the other boys explore theatricality by singingTheatricality
Rachel meets her mother and they singTheatricality
Will seduces Sue by singing...Funk
With the help of her pregnant friends Quinn sings...Funk
Puck, Finn and Mercedes sing this thinking it is a Funk songFunk
After learning that their club will be disbanded the New Directions sing this to WillJourney to Regionals
On learning that they have another year Will sings this song with PuckJourney to Regionals
Finn persuades Sam to audition after hearing him singAudition
In defence of herself after sending Sunshine to a crack house Rachel singsAudition
While under her first general anaesthetic Brittany singsBritney/Brittany
Rachel apologises to Finn for her jealousy over his re-joining the football club by singingBritney/Brittany'
When everyone is discussing faith Puck sings another song by a Jewish artist...Grilled Cheesus
Mercedes sings this as part of her church choirGrilled Cheesus
In an attempt to lose the singing competition Rachel and Finn singDuets
Kurt Duets with himself by singingDuets
Mercedes plays Frank-N-Furter singingThe Rocky Horror Glee Show
Emma helps Will rehears and gets steaming while singingThe Rocky Horror Glee Show
Kurt visits Dalton Academy on a spy mission and watches Blain singNever Been Kissed
The girls sing a mash up of Livin' on a Prayer andNever Been Kissed
Holly sings this song to help her class learn grammarThe Substitute
Under a flu delusion Will images singing this while dancing with MikeThe Substitute
Sue sings this song with her motherFurt
Finn dedicates this song to his new brother KurtFurt
Rachel suggests Kurt auditions for a regionals solo by singingSpecial Education
Santana is given the lead vocal during this sectionals songSpecial Education
Kurt helps Blain practice a duet for the Christmas concert singingA Very Glee Christmas
Becky remarks that 'Christmas came anyway coach' after hearing New Directions singingA Very Glee Christmas
To make Finn jealous Rachel sings this song with PuckThe Sue Sylvester Shuffle
During half time, the Titans and New Directions sing a mash up of Thriller andThe Sue Sylvester Shuffle
Rachel and Mercedes diva off singingComeback
Lauren sings this as her first soloComeback
At her house party, Rachel sings this song with BlaineBlame It on the Alcohol
While drunk Brittany leads the assembly performance ofBlame It on the Alcohol
Holly helps Santana and Brittany sing this song about their feelingsSexy
Emma sings this song with the celibacy club believing it to be about a desertSexy
Rachel's second attempt at song writing is titledOriginal Song
Blaine falls for Kurt after hearing his moving rendition of this songOriginal Song
Santana writes this song about SamOriginal Song
Mike performs this at the 'Night of Neglect' fundraising concertA Night of Neglect
Mercedes closes the concert by singingA Night of Neglect
As they say goodbye to Kurt, Dalton Academy sing Born This Way
Happy to be back, Kurt singsBorn This Way
As their relationship is put under pressure, Finn and Quinn duet withRumours
Santana sings this song to Brittany in privateRumours
Rachel is surprised when Jesse joins her while singingProm Queen
Trying to win back Brittany, Artie singsProm Queen
Santana auditions for a solo in nationals by singingFuneral
Kurt and Finn arrange for the New Directions to sing this in memory of JeanFuneral
To help Rachel choose between Finn and stardom, Kurt and Rachel singNew York
Staring in the musical CrossRhodes, Will rehearses his songNew York

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