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QUIZ: Can you name the trivia from Sweeney Todd?

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What was Sweeney's real name?
Who did Sweeney's chair originally belong to?
What is Sweeney's wife's name?
What does the Royal Marine taste of?
When it's just Mrs lovett, Sweeney, and....
what street does Sweeney live on?
What is Signor Pirelli's real name?
What did Turpin sentence a child to?
What did Mrs. Lovett do to that prevented Sweeney from killing his daughter?
What were Sweeney's last words to his daughter?
What were Sweeney's last words to his wife?
Who was first to die?
What do you need to be careful with when making Mrs. Lovett's pies?
What is wrong with the clergy?
Who is the first character you see in the movie?
Who's idea was it to put people in the pies?

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