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Who authored the famous Harry Potter?
Which is the smallest nation on the planet ?
In which city are you most likely to find the Trevi Fountain?
Sachin Tendulkar, a very popular cricketer mainly represented which nation in the sport?
'Par, Albatross & Birdie ' These terms are associated with which sport?
What is the exact term for the space/skin between your two eyebrows known as?
Name a document that allows you to cross international boundaries..
Who is known as the father of radioactivity?
Which country houses the Terracotta Army?
Who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Apple?
In which continent will you find the country named Cyprus?
Which planet is named after the Roman God of War?
Who was the first person to travel in space?
What is 2 times 7 multiplied by 4 divided by 2?
'The Merchant of Venice', 'Hamlet', 'As You Like It' , who is the common writer behind these popular plays?
What is the Capital of Austria?
Expand NASA
Which band is credited for composing and performing the song '21 Guns'?
What is a common term for a group of Puppies

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