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Can you name the DC and Marvel comics characters by the same description?

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DescriptionMarvel CharacterDC Character
King of the Ocean, this character lives under the sea and occasionally plays the hero
After the murder of his father at the hands of a criminal, this powerless vigilante decided to clean up the streets by night, striking fear into the hearts of those who oppose him.
As a member of an intergalactic police corps, this human uses his powers both on Earth and in space.
This smart-mouth sharpshooter is an ace with any weapon but uses a bow along with a cadre of special arrows
This billionaire playboy has no real powers, but use high tech weaponry and armour to fight crime.
This mercenary for hire makes use of swords and guns. He is also named ...ade Wilson
This alien is the last of his kind and was granted great power after the destruction of his planet
He is the 'man of steel'
This scientist can shrink to very small sizes
This superhero can bend and stretch his body into any shape

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