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Forced Order
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Historical doingsthe Person
architect of Italian unification
improver of the steam engine
On the Origin of Species
British representative at Congress of Vienna
most famous Romantic composer
British racist philosopher
Prime Minister repealed Corn Laws, founded police
twice Conservative PM
for the French a good deal in Peace of Vienna
Romantic poet- drowned in Italy
winning British admiral in Napoleonic wars
first King of Italy
became King of France after the Napoleonic Wars
ruled the Second Empire in France
Napoleon's first wife
German - leading Romantic writer
first German Kaiser
French army officer wrongly convicted of treason
freed the serfs in Russia
co-author of The Communist Manifesto
Belgian king who owned the Congo
romantic poet- died fighting for Greek independence
fired Bismarck - Kaiser during WWI
Napoleon's son
Historical doingsthe Person
Napoleon's court painter
winning general at Waterloo
redesigned and rebuilt Paris
Austrian foreign minister - designed Peace of Vienna
An actually pretty averaged height, Italian born who moved to France and declared himself emperor after he led the army and occupied Northern Italy and 'freeing them'
King of France after Rev of 1830
leader of Red Shirts during Italian unification
British queen 1837-1901
Emperor of Austria 1848-1916
four times Liberal PM
German philosopher - God is dead
British Romantic poet
Liberty Leading the People
Romantic poet - died young of tuberculosis
Italian opera composer
Napoleon's wife #2 - a Habsburg
architecht of German unification
invented the railroad
developed the dialiectic
other co-writer of the communist manifesto (more well-known...white beard.. spent lots of time just sitting in some library writing about communism)
African colonialist - Cape to Cairo
British novelist and critic of industrial society
French utopian socialist

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