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Forced Order
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When 1+2+3+4 is continued to infinity, what number do you end up with?
What is Tom Dixon's password?
What's Joe Whinney's favourite item of jewellery?
Coquelin or Matic?
Kane or Sanogo?
My anaconda does or does not?
'Oh no'. 'What?'
Beefiest gym enthusiast in the year?
Theiving Dictator
Who would you put a ceasar dressing on?
Do we all exist?
F1 driver
Chris Smalling or Tommy Smith?
A man picked upon by his peers, bullied, stolen from and abused to the point of tears often
Self proclaimed womanizer
Conservatives or Labour?
A man who once said 'Januzaj will win Balon D'or'
A man who aggresively messages girls pictures of sloths
He once lived in the sewers
A man who frequently reports having 'too many bitches'
Pronounces Eric Dier 'Eric Dee-er'
Did we land on the moon?
If you asked Joseph Whinney what colour the sky was, what would he say?

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