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This is the monetary policy of being able to base our system of paper money on the amount of gold the nation has.
These were two Italian immigrants who were known socialists / anarchists. They were accused of a murder and were convicted in a less than fair trial. Both were later executed for t
Socialist leader during the early 1900's. Received nearly 1 million votes for President. Helped to found the industrial union movement in the late 1800's.
Name given to the investigative journalists of the Progressive era who tried to show the corruption and greed that was affecting the nation.
Scandal in the Harding Administration where government lands containing oil reserves were leased at a very low price to oil companies for a kickback payment to certain officials.
American President during the Depression and WW II who started the New Deal programs and promised to help relieve the suffering of the poor during the Depression. Elected to Four t
Supreme Court Case that made segregation legal with the doctrine of 'separate but equal'. Decision made in 1896
Period of African American art, music, and literature during the 1920's.
New Deal critic who was a Senator from Louisiana and promoted a program in which he said 'every man is a king' and people should be guaranteed an annual income, a home, and a colle
Governor of Alabama who stood in the doorway of the University of Alabama to protest its order to integrate. He later ran for President on a platform of continued segregation.
Montgomery lady who signals the beginning of the civil rights movement when she refuses to give up a seat on a segregated bus.
The is the name given to the new women of the 1920's. She is carefree, wears different styles of clothing and is much less conservative than the Victorian age women before her.
Program of President Theodore Roosevelt to help give every person a fair chance. He pledged to fight the bad trusts and help to reform the evils of society.
National Law passed to guarantee voting privileges to African Americans across the nation.
British ocean liner that was sunk by German U-Boats in 1915. American citizens were among those who died. Led to an ultimatum by the U.S. to Germany to stop targeting civilian ship
New Deal program designed to provide jobs and electricity through one of the nation's poorest areas. Program still exists today.
African American leader who advocated the teaching of trade skills to help achieve economic equality first. Founded Tuskegee Institute
Wrote a book called the 'Jungle' to call attention to the lives of immigrants. The book brought attention to the horrible conditions found in the nation's food industry.
Government agency created after the publishing of the 'Jungle' to make sure the food and medicine we take are safe.
Name given to the sometimes rough but always effective politics of Theodore Roosevelt. He used this type of politics to battle trusts, establish national parks, and build the Panam
New foreign policy of the U.S. beginning in the late 1800's where we are seeking to establish colonies in different parts of the world.
The name given to the first part of FDR's administration where they worked with Congress to pass and create many new programs to try and deal with the Depression.
Elected President in 1928 . Predicted the end of poverty. Was President when the Depression began. Believed in Rugged Individualism and refused direct relief to the poor.
Battle cry of the nation in the Spanish American war after it was destroyed in the harbor of Havana Cuba.
Group that experienced large growth during the Red Scare of the 1920's. Membership declined quickly as the discriminatory practices of the group offended most moderate Americans.
New Deal program that created a safety net for the elderly and the young. This is the single largest program operated by our government of today.
The convicted assassin of Martin Luther King Jr.
Farmers organization that began as a social group but evolved into a political group. Was eventually replaced by the larger Populism Party. The group is also known as the Patrons o
Muckraker who wrote about 'the History of Standard Oil' and exposed the harsh business practices of John D. Rockefeller.
Name of the world peace keeping organization proposed by President Woodrow Wilson.

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