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Became President upon the death of FDR. Ended WW II with the dropping of the Atomic bomb. Lead the nation in the Korean War. Helped establish the policy of containment. Desegregate
Name of the South Vietnamese communist fighters who were our opponents in the Vietnam War.
City where President Eisenhower had to send troops in order to desegregate a local all white high school in 1957.
Organization that was formed to advocate the rights of women as a group. Helped to led the women's movement of the 60's and 70's.
Name of Lyndon B. Johnson's program to help the U.S. to fight evils of our society, namely poverty, discrimination, unemployment, and poor education.
Name given to the JFK administration policies that challenged the nation to move into the future. Containment, Civil Rights and Space exploration were some of the goals of the prog
Fictional character that represented the importance that women have played in our effort to fight WW II as they replaced men in all forms of factory work.
Leader of the migrant farm workers union that formed in the 60's and 70's to improve the wages and conditions these workers were receiving.
Spokesperson for the controversial Nation of Islam. Advocated black nationalism and separation from white society. Accepted the use of violence in order to defend oneself against c
Secret government project that led to the construction of the atomic bomb.
Turning point battle of the war against Japan. Naval battle fought only with naval aircraft.
Name of the crisis that forced President Nixon to resign as President of the U.S.
U.S. foreign policy goals sent By John Hay to several other nations stating the hope of the U.S., that all nations be given equal access to trade in China.
Supreme Court case where the Court ruled that segregation is no longer acceptable. Decision was made in a school desegregation case in 1954.
Name of the U.S, spy plane that was shot down over the USSR during the Eisenhower Administration.
Agreement between the U.S. and Britain signed after the beginning of WW II. Churchill and Roosevelt met to sign this agreement which states our common goals for winning the war.
Type of warfare in WW I where both sides reached a deadly stalemate with 'no man's land' between them.
Winner of the 1960 Presidential election. Challenged Americans to 'ask what they can do for their country.' Established the Peace Corp. Avoided war during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Name of the security organization formed by the U.S. and western European nations in the Cold War.
Name for the famed invasion of Normandy France on June 6, 1944 as Allied troops stormed the beaches to begin the attack on Hitler from the western front.
Nixon's policy of relaxing tensions between the superpowers. Led to several arms reduction treaties with the USSR and a state visit to communist China in 1972.
New Deal program designed to get businesses and consumers to support the policies of the government. Cooperating businesses displayed the program's symbol of a blue eagle.
Name given to members of the counter culture movement of the 1960's and 1970's. They often objected to societal norms and experimented with communal living and hallucinogenic drugs
Name given by Winston Churchill to the areas of Europe that were now under the control of the USSR.
Practice of giving college bound students an exemption from the draft sending men to fight in Vietnam. This became one of the major issue protested in the war.
Supreme Court case where the court set the doctrine of 'clear and present danger'. Court stated that rights are curtailed during times of war.
Individual garden where an American would try to grow there own food in order to save food supplies for the war effort.
New Deal program where the gov't gave jobs for public works but also to artists, musicians, photographers, and writers to complete project for the public's benefit.
This line represented the division of North and South Korea. This is the area where the Korean War began and ended as neither side gained any measurable land area.
Group begun by JFK that was composed of volunteers who went to under developed nations and tried to help the people there improve their lives.

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