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advisors to the president, head of departments, nominated by president, approved by senate
a note issued by the government that promises to pay off a loan with interest
A person who risks money in order to make a large profit.
Powers given to the national government alone
Powers not specifically mentioned in the constitution
Philosophy that agriculture and owning land is the backbone of the economy
Tax on imports and all foreign shipping. It was meant to raise money and stimulate the merchant marine rather than to protect any industry.
(1791) chartered by Congress as part of Alexander Hamilton's financial program, the bank printed paper money and served as a depository for Treasury funds. It drew opposition from
- farmers in Pennsylvania rebelled against Hamilton's excise tax on whiskey; the army, led by Washington, put down the rebellion; showed that the new government under the Constitut
a policy between countries ensuring fair trading practices
A person living in a country who is not a citizen
behavior that promotes rebellion or civil disorder against the state
Another word for nullification whereby a state could interpose state authority and in effect repeal a federal law.
the refusal of a state to recognize or enforce any federal law held to be an infringement on its sovereignty
1794-Was made up by John Jay. It said that Britain was to pay for Americans ships that were seized in 1793. It said that Americans had to pay British merchants debts owed from befo
- established intentions of friendship between the United States and Spain. It also defined the boundaries of the United States with the Spanish colonies and guaranteed the United
- Undeclared war fought entirely at sea between the United States and France from 1798 to 1800. The French began to seize American ships trading with their British enemies and refu
(1798) laws passed by a Federalist-dominated Congress aimed at protecting the government from treasonous ideas, actions, and people
Authority given the courts to review constitutionality of acts by the executive/state/legislature; est. in Marbury v. Madison
A government ban on trade with other countries.
1803 purchase of the Louisiana territory from France. Made by Jefferson, this doubled the size of the US.
Army captain appointed by President Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Territory and lands west to the Pacific Ocean
A skilled mapmaker and outdoorsman chosen to explore the Louisiana Territory
A Shoshone woman whose language skills and knowledge of geography helped Lewis and Clark
American jurist and politician who served as the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1801-1835) and helped establish the practice of judicial review.
A strong feeling of pride in and devotion to one's country
1809 - Replaced the Embargo of 1807. Unlike the Embargo, which forbade American trade with all foreign nations, this act only forbade trade with France and Britain. It did not succ
Southerners and Westerners who were eager for war with Britain. They had a strong sense of nationalism, and they wanted to takeover British land in North America and expand.
(1768-1813) Shawnee chief who attempted to form an Indian confederation to resist white settlement in the Northwest Territory.
9th president. Hero of the Battle of Tippecanoe. Nominated as the Whig's presidential candidate for 1840. Proven vote getter. Military hero who expressed few opinions on national i
United States commodore who led the fleet that defeated the British on Lake Erie during the War of 1812
An event in 1814-1815 in the United States during the War of 1812 in which New England's opposition to the war reached the point where secession from the United States was discusse
1814-British tired of war. peace talks started in Ghent, Belgium. Christmas Eve 1814 two sides signed treaty ending war. It took a while to get to U.S. Jackson won the Battle of Ne

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