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People and Places
What nation ruled that having its members of Parliament wear knee-length shorts would not diminish the dignity of the house, in 2000? 
What European city resorted to motorized vacuums to clean up its 11 tons of daily dog wastes? 
What South American city made it legal to run red lights between 10 pm and 5 am to avoid being carjacked? 
What did John Harris Jr. insist on renaming the Susquehanna town of Louisburg before selling the land it was on in the 1780s? 
What nation in the Western Hemisphere has more species of primates, amphibians and plants in the world? 
Arts and Entertainment
What jazz trumpeter is the oldest person to have had a number one hit single in Britain? 
What script prompted star Robert Hays to laugh at every page when he read it on a plane? 
What legendary director died five days after privately screening his last film, in 1999? 
What original Saturday Night Live star turned down the film role of Forrest Gump 
Who began his 2000 Grammy acceptance speech in Hebrew with, 'Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh'? 
What did Lewis and Clark finally get a glimpse of on November 18, 1805? 
Whose assassination was deemed a conspiracy by a Tennessee jury in 1999? 
What president built a picnic area over the White House horseshoe pit? 
What Briton tools around in a car bearing the license plate 'WILLS I'? 
Who's depicted on a U.S. coin holding a baby named Jean Baptiste? 
Science and Nature
What US agency investigates e-mail viruses in its National Infrastructure Protection Center? 
What animals have their breathing hindered by a medical condition called floppy-trunk syndrome? 
What agent of tooth decay does the mouth's Streptococcus mutans bacteria turn lactose into? 
How many ten-dollar bills can the US Mint print at a cost of ten dollars? 24, 240, or 2,400 
What system of English measurement is used to weigh precious metals, instead of avoirdupois? 
Sports and Leisure
What pet competition is the second oldest continuous sporting event in the US? 
What Big 12 school's band members bang 'Big Bertha' the world's biggest bass drum? 
What sport annually honors its best scorers with the Vardon and Vare Trophies? 
What team made the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history in 2000? 
Who coined the phrase 'Running for your life' before he died running for his? 
What magazine mistakenly included wintergreen oil in a recipe for 'Aunt Vertie's sugar cookies' in 1991? 
What first lady ate three chocolate-covered garlic balls every day believing it would sharpen her memory? 
What Italian design house cooked up the 'baguette' pocketbook, named for its similarities to a loaf of French bread? 
What California city started jury trials for public nudity in 1993, yet could never persuade a jury to convict? 
What newspaper was hoodwinked into believing 'Swingin' on the Flippity-flop' was slang for 'Hanging out'? 

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