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Can you name the 2012 Best Picture Noms from these good and bad reviews?

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Good ReviewBest Picture NomineeBad Review
'[Title] is sugary, to be sure - but it is sugar cut with cannon fire and barbed wire and the horrors of war.' (Philadelphia Inquirer)'It's not that a film can't be lighthearted family fare, a gritty war epic and a weepie all at once; the problem is that here, those elements feel strictly compartmentalized -- and calculated.' (NPR)
'It's a unique journey that's equal parts sympathy card and celebration of human resilience.' ('No movie has ever been able to provide a catharsis for the Holocaust, and I suspect none will ever be able to provide one for 9/11.' (Chicago Sun-Times)
'Literally the kind of movie they just don't make anymore...' (New York Post)'Ignores everything that's fascinating and memorable about the silent-film era, focusing instead on a patchwork of general knowledge, so eroded of inconvenient facts that it doesn't even qualify as a roman à clef.' (Slant Magazine)
'[Title] brings a chick-flick sensibility to a serious subject, which is more daring than it might sound. It's also incredibly refreshing.' (Newsday)'Sounds kinda like Mississippi Burning meets Steel Magnolias, doesn't it?' (MSN Movies)
'While its compatriots focus on strength, [Title] celebrates strategy, recounting the unlikely true story of how brains triumphed over brawn' (Cut Print Review)'A wavering, intermittently smart story of daring to think differently that often flattens its narrative into formula.' (Slant Magazine)
Good ReviewBest Picture NomineeBad Review
'A haunting, piquant melodrama about childhood dreams and yearnings, enhanced with a pleasant survey course in early film history.' (Entertainment Weekly)'It's as if David Copperfield wandered into a History of Film lecture. Maybe it isn't a great idea to wait till you're nearly 70 to make your first kid movie.' (New York Post)
'[Title] is at times trying and perplexing, but it also contains some of the most psychologically insightful and ecstatic filmmaking imaginable.' (San Fransico Chronicle)'Glibly put, this challenging time-skipping rumination is the big screen equivalent of watching that 'Tree' grow.' (Orlando Sentinel)
'The last, touching final frame is worth the entrance price alone.' (Sky Movies)'It left me cold. The pathos is as unearned as the protagonist's privilege.' (The Village Voice)
'A sweet-natured trifle, as flavorful and as thin as a crepe.' (Boston Globe)'A trifle filled with nostalgia and fantasy touristy fare.' (Ozus' World Movie Reviews)

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